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Mollo Duvet Cover
Mollo Duvet Cover

Phomolo Linen


Product Information

White 100% cotton sateen duvet cover with a yellow satin stitch, all sizes come with two standard pillow cases

Our 100% cotton range has many benefits that will suit your comfort and style needs.

100% cotton has a soft feeling and will not irritate sensitive skin.

It's also breathable and fantastic at regulating your body temperature. This means it will keep you cool during a hot summer and warm over the cold winter.

As a bonus, white linen is a timeless classic that's easy to style. The simplicity of our collections allows you to effortlessly accessorise your space to match your style and taste.

Care Instructions

Caring for your cotton

The great thing about 100% cotton is that it gets better with every wash.

You can either handwash your cotton items or make use of the delicate cycle of your washing machine. Use cold to warm water to wash and never hot water as that may cause shrinkage.

Take care of your cotton and it will take care of you.

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