Key of Rhythm
Key of Rhythm
Key of Rhythm
Key of Rhythm
Key of Rhythm

Key of Rhythm

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Everything that surrounds us and makes us up is in perpetual motion. Everything is cyclical, vibrates and moves according to rhythms in the universe. These rhythms are the basis of the seasons, the cycles, the stages of development and growth of living beings. Each cycle is a reflection of the energy of life. Alternating day and night, birth and death, breathing in and out, everything evolves and degenerates.

Accepting these cycles, the succession in our lives of positive and negative moments, of dark periods and magnificent happiness, living with the natural rhythm of life allows us to keep faith and not to become discouraged. This wisdom explains that when we see that something is coming to an end, it is essential to let go, to welcome, to adapt to this rhythm. It is essential to stay focused on the positive in our lives. When we fail, it is important to remember that there is nothing permanent, that it is a time of transition and that something better will follow.

By using this key of wisdom, we will be able to know when to save our efforts, let go and rely on the Universe or, on the contrary, when to persevere in action and use our free will for more fluidity in our life.

The more we maintain this positive state of mind, the more we will attract to ourselves experiences of the same frequency, free of fear and frustration.

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