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Illala Palm Tray - Flower Star 1
Illala Palm Tray - Flower Star 1

Art of Connection


Product Information

Basketry has featured for a long time in Zulu social life and served mainly as food containers.


The Illala palm fibres are picked up along the shores of lakes in Southern africa, then boiled and mixed with local plants to obtain various colors in natural dyes.


We have designed contemporary original trays to be used in everyday’s life.


Today only the best weavers can coil Illala palm with such precision, using different types of knots to create the unique quality pieces we present in our curated collections.

The trays measure approximately 50 cm diameter and 3 cm high on the sides.

Those products are not to be exposed to direct sun since dyes are obtained with plants

Each piece is done in maximum 5 editions to give exclusivity to each client.

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