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Ice Therapy Skin-Tea
Ice Therapy Skin-TeaIce Therapy Skin-Tea



Product Information

A cooling mini-facial regime for reviving skin radiance, inspired by traditional herbalism
This one week monthly ice treatment provides an instant boost for dull, congested or aging skin.

Size: 1 x 5g sachet

Benefits / How To use

What is Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy (extreme cold treatment), is inspired by traditional herbalism. L’abeilles ICE THERAPY SKIN TEA is powered by organic, natural & modern cryotherapy.

Using ice on your skin helps to increase micro-circulation, which brings essential nutrients to the skin. Effectiveness of your skincare products is also enhanced after ice treatment.

Ice helps to reduce inflammation, redness & calm irritated skin. The L’abeille ICE THERAPY SKIN-TEA course also helps to treat skin that is prone to breakouts. The cold treatment makes skin insusceptible to growth or spreading of bacteria that cause minor monthly breakouts – this treatment is therefore a great addition at ‘that time of the month’. The ice application also helps to calm irritated skin & reduce any related inflammation caused by break-outs.

Pore size is minimised after ice treatment, making ice therapy a great treatment prior to make-up application for a flawless complexion. Get your skin photo-shoot ready with a weekly L’abeille ICE THERAPY SKIN-TEA, by using a course of treatment in the week running up to your special shoot day. The added increase in blood circulation also boosts skin radiance, prevents premature aging & wrinkles & restores a healthy glow!

L’abeilles ICE THERAPY SKIN-TEA is a mini facial regime, which is easy to incorporate into your skincare regime. One treatment sachet lasts 7 days.


Benefits include:

  • Boost radiance
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduces pore size
  • Reduces inflammation & monthly breakouts
  • Creates healthy & glowing skin
  • Reduces under eye puffiness
  • Calms irritated skin
  • Improves microcirculation preventing premature aging & wrinkles
  • Less spots after weekly treatment make it perfect to use when your skin is prone to monthly breakouts during a monthly cycle

How to use:

Make a tea using your skin tea sachet, and steep for approx. 20min in 250ml boiled water. Gently strain sachet & pour into ice moulds to freeze (1 skin tea sachet makes 7 medium sized ice cubes). Use 1 cube at night after cleansing for a week each month to revive & boost your skin (rub gently over entire face & neck until cube is completely melted). Follow with your normal skin care regime.

Beauty Tip:

Add 1 teaspoon raw & organic honey, from your region, after the water has cooled down, and before pouring into your ice moulds. Honey adds extra skin benefits, including – healing, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, antibacterial, nourishing.

Caution: Should you experience any allergic reaction, discontinue use. Store sachet in a cool, dry place until use.


*All Organic & packaged in a biodegradable sachet

Globe-Amaranth Flowers(vitamins & antioxidants – reducing free radicals, phytosterols, amino acids , plant protein essential for the growth of new cells, anti-inflammatory )
Chamomile Flowers(calming, reduces inflammation, fights breakouts, antioxidants, promotes healing, soothes irritated skin – good for eczema/psoriasis)
Goji Berries(Skin superfood providing vitamins & minerals, rejuvenates skin, antioxidants – polysaccharides to tighten & firm skin, carotenoids – improve skin tone)
Seabuckthorn Berries(Antioxidant powerhouse, minerals, flavonoids – carotenoids to improve skin tone, vitamin c – boosts collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles)
Marshmallow Root(Mucilage – intense hydrating, softening & skin balancing, skin barrier protecting, improves skins ability to retain moisture, healing)

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