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Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed OilHemp Seed Oil

Rūt Essentials Skin


Product Information


Extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, Hemp Seed Oil has numerous health benefits thanks to its nourishing lipids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When it comes to tackling dehydrated skin, reducing redness, and calming inflammation, Hemp Seed Oil lives up to its hype! Use on target areas or all over, from head to toe.


Size: 30ml | 50ml


How To Use


Add a few drop of extravagance to your daily routine


FACE: Use as an oil cleanser, face serum, or a lip oil for a healthy moisturised glow.


BODY: Use on its own as a shower oil, body oil or cuticle oil. Tip - Mix with a few drops of essential oil for a wholesome experience


HAIR: Apply as a serum to the ends of your hair, or use as a hair and scalp mask


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