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Flow Neckpiece
Flow NeckpieceFlow Neckpiece



Product Information


Enjoy the “infinity shape” of our Flow neckpiece that is both modern and sleek. The rounded brass pendant acts as a striking accent with soft curves flowing around the neck.

- Unique clasp design at the front

- Put on and remove the neckpiece with ease

- Comfortable around the neck

Size and fit: The neckpiece has an inner diameter length of 30cm.

How to use: To open the necklace, hold onto one of the brass pipes and lightly pull the round-shaped rod out of the pipe- the rod will slide out with ease.


Made in Cape Town, South Africa


Materials and Care

Materials: Made from solid brass and 7mm diameter rubbery cord.

Care: Brass can be lightly sanded or polished with a metal polish. The silicon and rubber material can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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