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Flawsome Bowl
Flawsome BowlFlawsome BowlFlawsome BowlFlawsome Bowl



Product Information

Adorn your home with this exquisite pale pink and terrazzo bowl that can be use to display fresh fruit, a luxury scented candle or it can even be used as a salt pot.


Made from eco-friendly stone and casted by hand. 


Made in South Africa

Details and Care

A carefully formulated combination of limestone (naturally occurring stone obtained locally), silica sand and crushed stone/sand. The stone sets by itself and does not need to be cured or baked in a kiln. Each piece is carefully sanded and sealed with a solvent free and non toxic sealer, primarily made from soy wax.

Please keep in mind that each piece is individually hand casted, sanded and sealed. Colours / patterns may vary slightly.


Care: This piece is sealed and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products or scrubbing as this can compromise your piece.

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