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Bushveld Living Botanical Art | Rectangle
Bushveld Living Botanical Art | Rectangle



Product Information

Grass is the most common, overlooked plant in the world and it is surprisingly unique. They play an important role in the balance of an animal's’ diet and other plant growth.

Preserved real-life African grasses, sourced from local flower / plant growers or private collections / gardens / farms.

Framed between two pieces of high quality exhibition glass.

Sealed with hand-soldered brass.

Attached with strengthened brass chain for easy hanging.


Size : Rectangle - 24 x 9cm


Made In South Africa



Each product is handmade from start to finish and takes approximately 2 weeks from order if not in stock. It’s not a quick process which is why we take pride in every sale we make. We are proud to be able to ship locally and internationally and we uphold a promise to our environment that we will only use environmentally friendly materials, during our production and packaging processes.

Because all frames are handmade, slight variations in the product may occur. The foliage used is dependent on what is available and may differ slightly from the images. We try our best to make each piece as close to the example as possible but due to the nature of the product this is not always possible.

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