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Black Gala Camera Bag
Black Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera BagBlack Gala Camera Bag



Product Information

Compact camera bag with a simplistic silhouette crafted from natural apple peel and plant-based materials.


Small, but mighty, this bag can pack a punch. The Gala Camera Bag has one functional exterior pocket and an interior that can hold all of your on-the-go essentials. Try it as a cross-body or wear it around the waist with its adjustable and detachable strap. Put it to the test on your next night out on the town or all-day excursion!


Interior Colour Options: Misty Grey | Sunshine | Teal | Sunset


Size: Approx. 8" W x 5.5" H x 2" D (Easily fits in a phone, a wallet and much more )

Actual product appearance may vary due to natural materials

Fabric and Care

Made from Natural Apple Peels and Waterbased PU

Apple peels provides more than 50% of fiber in an apple. The discarded peels from juice industry make perfect resources for making elastic and durable materials. Combining them with other bio-contents and water-based PU, a hybrid, innovative, eco-friendly leather-like material is created! The only question is, would you like it crisp or tart?





Start with a damp cloth to gently rub away any spots, and wipe off any surface dirt and scuff marks. Then use a clean, soft cloth to apply a layer of natural beeswax to moisturize the surface. Let the bag rest for 30 minutes in well-ventilated area and avoid direct heat.



Our lining materials are inherently resistant to spills and stains, washable and can be dry cleaned. They are also animal-friendly and doesn't absorb pet odors.

When caring for our lining materials, start with a damp cloth to gently rub away spots, then use a brush to remove surface dirt and scuff marks. Brush all over to revive the nap (the soft fibers that give its velvety texture).


Made with care in New York City

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