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Argan Oil
Argan OilArgan Oil

Rūt Essentials Skin


Product Information


Moisture boosting, ultra-softening and fast-absorbing are the key benefits of Argan Oil, which is packed with vitamin E and omega fatty acids to deliver the ultimate nourishing properties to your skin, hair, lips and nails. A bathroom staple you can’t live without!


Size: 30ml | 50ml


How To Use


Add a few drop of extravagance to your daily routine


FACE: Use as an oil cleanser, face serum, or a lip oil for a healthy moisturised glow.


BODY: Use on its own as a shower oil, body oil or cuticle oil. Tip - Mix with a few drops of essential oil for a wholesome experience


HAIR: Apply as a serum to the ends of your hair, or use as a hair and scalp mask


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