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Aphrodite Gua Sha
Aphrodite Gua ShaAphrodite Gua Sha

Philosophia Botanica


Product Information

Meet APHRODITE our Gua Sha board in pure Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most beautifying healing stones. It helps to ease tension + stress in the body, soothes anxiety, and increases self-love, which is essential when it comes to clear, smooth skin.

Excellent for:

- Puffiness
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Loss of firmness and elasticity

Design by Philosophia Botanica Founder and Chinese Medicine practitioner, Francesca Canzano-Franklin.

How to use

  • Using gentle pressure, begin massaging from the neck upwards and from the center of the face move outwards towards the mandible, the cheeks, under the eyes, and on the forehead. Use 10-15 minutes daily
  • To help our bespoke Gua Sha stones glide across the skin with ease, smooth a few drops on clean skin with one of our facial oils 

After and before each use, we recommend using a soft microfiber cloth to wipe our Gua Sha stone clean and to prevent the spreading of any bacteria onto your skin. For a deeper cleanse, you can also dampen the cloth with soapy water and a drop of tea tree oil before wiping the tools.

You can dry our Gua Sha board using another dry cloth, or simply let it air dry. We suggest to oil the stone as soon as you receive it and to store it somewhere dry and away from any form of heat.

Your Gua Sha board is made with 100% natural Bian stone and is very fragile. Make sure to treat it with care and avoid dropping it, in order to avoid damaging the stone.
Please do not store in the fridge.


Rose Quartz

PLEASE NOTE. Not one stone is the same as another as our Gua Sha boards are made by hands by Asian craftsmen. Due to natural variations in stone, every stone is unique in pattern and color. The shape may also slightly differ with some of the boards being slightly more rounded than others.

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