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AmaNiceNice Basket
AmaNiceNice BasketAmaNiceNice BasketAmaNiceNice Basket

Design Afrika


Product Information


Handmade by a group of Zulu artisans in Kwazulu Natal,  the AmaNiceNice is a contemporary basket using the traditional twilled weaving technique found throughout Africa and the world. The bright colours are a limited edition and a celebration of spring.


Primarily a decorative basket, it can be used as a planter, a vessel for dried arrangements, a wastepaper bin or a small laundry basket. 


Height 45-50cm


Details and Care

Each product is made by hand from Palm Fibre, known locally as ilala. Small variances in size colour and design may occur.


Clean with a damp cloth. Lightly moisten and reshape if misshapen and allow to air dry immediately. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

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