Shop consciously, live in sustainable luxury

Plain Tiger invites the mindful shopper to discover a curated range of luxury products from around the world, produced by designers and masters of their craft who create with conscious values.

Our Butterfly Story

Danaus Chrysippus, also known as the Plain Tiger, is an iconic butterfly whose claim to fame is being the furthest migrating insect in the world. A single butterfly has a negligible impact on its environment, but when plain tigers migrate in their astounding numbers, their influence is powerful and transformative. Key pollinators and indicators of environmental health, the Plain Tiger inspires us to create the change we want to see in the world. 

Our Why

Plain Tiger was founded on the belief that conscious shopping doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, workmanship, exclusivity or fashion forwardness. By offering nothing less than a meticulously curated range of products that are produced to our exacting conscious criteria, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a luxury shopping experience that’s kinder to our world.

Our Conscious Criteria

All products available at Plain Tiger must comply with our conscious criteria: These are: 

Plain Tiger is carbon negative

Plain Tiger employs a three-part strategy to achieve carbon negativity:
1. All products available on the site must comply with our conscious criteria. In this way, we are able to ensure that we only represent brands that are actively working to make luxury products more sustainable. 

2. We take every possible step to reduce our direct carbon emissions. 
For example, we use sustainable packaging exclusively and our entire team works remotely.

3. We offset all remaining emissions via our partnership with Pachama

To be clear, we do not consider carbon offsetting to be a replacement for carbon footprint reduction initiatives, rather as a last resort in compensation for unavoidable emissions.

We take ownership of the carbon emissions created by our deliveries around the world. After searching for a partner which could offer a transparent, authentic solution, with demonstrable success in achieving its objectives, we have identified Pachama as our preferred partner. Pachama is an emerging leader in the space and we are delighted to partner with them to offset emissions in a way that not only compensates for the environmental impact of our deliveries but also brings social benefits to the communities of the projects that we support.

We have chosen two reforestation projects with Pachama so far:
The TIST Uganda project
The Brazil Nut Concessions project 

We are proud to say that this 3 part strategy means that Plain Tiger and all of its global activities, including its global deliveries, are carbon negative.