Our Team Gill - Jeweller & Designer “The words that I live by in life are -conscious awareness, understated and minimalism. This is what we try to reflect in our jewellery. We keep our metals and stones as organic as possible while being ecologically aware. To this, we add a dash of edgy sensuality to our designs. Candice and I are meticulous in creating handmade pieces that are easy to wear. With the combination of our style, manufacturing skills and design inspiration, we can bring you timeless, contemporary, beautiful jewellery.”

Candice -Designer & Stylist “What we choose in life defines us. It is about so much more than pretty things. Joining Gill, a kindred spirit, has given me the opportunity to co-create beautiful, ethical, artisanal jewellery. My own jewellery, above anything else that I select to wear, is personal and meaningful to me, and I take pride in our collections which give you the same opportunity. In addition, I love working with our small, skilled team.

I adore the perfect and delicate pieces we create, and I am continually excited to share the adventure with you!” Julian - Goldsmith “I’ve always been fascinated by the renaissance, the great masters like Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

With jewellery I think I can live out some of that, creating wearable sculptures, my own little masterpieces. I fell in love with the way that using just a few raw granules of metal. I can almost magically forge them into whatever wild idea comes to mind.

Thankful to be able to live out my creativity all day, every day.”



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