IKARUS Yoga wear for Men

IKARUS started out with three friends, Heiko, Daniel, Claudio back in 2019. We all had been practicing yoga for a while and when we met, we bonded over this fact. But every time we talked about it, we always faced the same question: "What are you wearing during your yoga practice?". And we never had a good answer, because they were no great yoga clothes for men. So we tried basically everything that was available and still were not satisfied. So we set out to see if we could come up with a better solution. And we did. Together with yoga teachers and designers, we developed the prometheus pants 1.0.
Our aim is not only to sell clothing, but to inspire men around the world to become more aware and practice awareness. That is, what yoga did for us. All busy and oftentimes stressed individuals with demanding jobs that kept us busy. Yoga has helped us to become more calm and find balance in our lives. We now want to share this with the men of this world.