Key of Gratitude
Key of Gratitude
Key of Gratitude
Key of Gratitude
Key of Gratitude

Key of Gratitude

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The wisdom key of gratitude teaches us to accept and welcome each moment as a precious gift. To take the positive out of every situation, person, experience and obstacle, and to grow from it more than ever. See the good in things and focus only on that.

Recognize our opportunities and have a more positive outlook on life.

In a state of gratitude, we become happier, feel more alive.

Gratitude does not erase misfortunes and worries, nor does it guarantee a life free from the blows of fate. Nevertheless, through regular practice, you raise your vibration, you approach life experiences differently, the more you say thank you to life, the more you can feel alive, the more you say thank you to the people around you, the more you feel carried by kindness and a positive energy. No mystery, just a choice, to be aware of your power to create what is true to you.

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