Bonbon | Blouse & Pants Set
Bonbon | Blouse & Pants Set
Bonbon | Blouse & Pants Set
Bonbon | Blouse & Pants Set

Bonbon | Blouse & Pants Set

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Two-piece Matching Set

When playfulness, being light-hearted and keeping the little girl inside of us happy is the only mission of Minzkou, It’s hard to not get inspired by candies! BONBON is a word referring to the sweets of all kind in many languages. Inspired by the colorful candies, lollipops and bubblegums we created an exclusive silk fabric crafted with a bonbon-like circular shapes that is made out of blue and pink felt sewn individually on the garment to present you the SWEETEST design your eyes can ever taste ! Dedicated to inner child inside of us, Bonbon 2 piece matching set designed with  exclusive BonBon fabric to remind all of us to reconnect with that little girl/boy who wants to be heard and loved.

Weaving on hand-operated draw-looms, this 100 % raw Peace Silk product required extra care for its delicacy. Natural dyes gave its unique hue and artisanal craftswomen created for your luxurious experience. Soft like air, translucent as the soul, and bold enough as Gaia, we present you Minzkou Bonbon Matching Set.  Covered with circular multi-color felt shapes the bonbon blouse and palazzo pants are made of airy white garment with maxi volumes. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse has an extra layer of full silk lining makes it an epitome of luxury and the palazzo style pants that’s flaring out  through hips to the floor giving this set a unique silhouette.

Made in Turkey, shipped from USA


The garment is is incredibly soft with a flattering sheen, and naturally breathable  allows air to circulate freely through the fabric, which makes summer heat more bearable. Light weave of Minzkou Silk products designed to allow for maximum breathability to keep our Cosmic Babes both cool and cool !

  • Round neck
  • Loose fit
  • Butterfly sleeves
  • Crop-top
  • High-rise flare pants

Fabric & Care

  • 100 % Pure Peace Silk
  • Cruelty-free
  • Woven by hand
  • Colored with natural dyes
  • Vegan-friendly

Care Instructions

Silk is a very delicate but a very durable fabric when it is washed with care. When it’s treated gently, it undoubtedly surprises how long it can serve you.

Hand Wash: Let the garment soak in lukewarm/cool water for a few minutes. Rinse the silk garment in lukewarm or in cool water until all soap has been removed.

What to Use: Make sure not to use detergents or kinds that contain chemicals. For best results, organic/natural soaps or silk shampoo should be preferred.

Rinsing & Drying: After rinsing carefully a few times, remove the item out of water. Rolling the garment in a towel and squeezing the towel to remove the water is an alternative way that can be used. It’s not suggested to twist the garment and do not wring the water out. Allow the item air-dry.

Machine Washing: If hand washing is way too much work then choose short delicate cycle on the washing machine with coolest water temperature possible.

Ironing: When silk garment has wrinkles, set the iron to cool setting. Place a piece of cloth between the item and the iron for protection. If there are any heavy wrinkles, it may need dampness so you can gently spray water on the item/piece of cloth. Iron the item as gently possible.

Steaming: After hanging the silk item up move the handheld steamer up and down over the wrinkles to remove. You can follow specific instructions provided with the steamer, if it is given.

Do Nots: Be careful when using perfumes/hairsprays or any kinds of products that is similar as it can leave stains on the fabric.


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