Umu Ora

Umu Ora

Umu Ora is an ancient, forgotten, Igbo* term.

Native to Nigeria, the origins of the Igbo are steeped in mystery as it is unknown how the group came to form. Yet, it is believed that they existed before the Egyptians.

The Igbo language is the last surviving child of a global mother tongue spoken 50,000 years ago,
at a time when gods ruled, not men — in 22 000 BC, before the Pharaonic rule in 3100 BC.

Ptah, the father of all gods, had a son named Ra (or, in Igbo, Ora) meaning Sun.

With “Umu” translating to “Children” and “Ora” to “(of the) Sun”, Umu Ora is a mythological Igbo term once used to refer to All African People, otherwise known as, Children of the Sun.

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