Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx

The Skinny laMinx recipe is simple: Mix together a love of pattern, a cute shop, a top notch team, and top it all off with equal parts playful and chic.

How we began:

Heather Moore’s simple, clean pattern designs and unusual colour palette are inspired by everyday things, her love of midcentury style and a dose of African chic.
In 2007 she started screenprinting her patterns onto fabric, just for fun. Next thing, her hobby had become a business called Skinny laMinx, and the things she’d designed could be found in stores & homes around the globe. But of course, there’s a bit more to the story than that.

Because we want to be a true contributor to our local economy and industry, we know our supply chain intimately, and do all our production nearby. Our designs are screen-printed in Cape Town, and everything is cut and stitched by our small but nimble sewing team in the studio above our shop

Skinny laMinx fabrics are printed with waterbased inks, and are printed on natural fibre basecloth. We hate waste, and put our offcuts and scraps to good use in the business and elsewhere.

Quality checking is a large part of our business, from the materials that we use, to the hand-checking of every Skinny laMinx finished product, to the relationships that we build. We care about it all!

While we deal in matters of style and decoration, and we do believe that humans need beauty to thrive, we are very aware that for most people, food on the table and money for school shoes is a far more pressing issue. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities brighten lives with gifts of our fabrics and designs.

Heather might get all the fanfare in the press, but nothing would happen at all, if it weren’t for our fabulous Skinny laMinx team.


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