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Stylish, sustainable designer wear that fits into your everyday life and effortlessly lets you look and feel your best!


Our styles are timeless and classic wardrobe staples. We create clothing with a twist or an unexpected detail that ensures it ALWAYS looks modern and ahead of the trends, year after year. All our cuts are flattering with our styles being comfy and easy-to-wear, fitting easily into the practicalities of your everyday life and giving you the confidence to effortlessly look and feel your best every day.


We are committed to producing all of our clothing within South Africa under fair and uplifting working conditions. Our fantastic team is made up of mainly women. This is important for economic development within the broader community, as women generally reinvest a higher percentage of income back into their family and community, compounding economic growth.


We use pure, 100% natural fabrics to create our clothing. This is because 85% of all the man-made waste found in the oceans comes from the washing of synthetic clothing.

We create high quality clothing that will last and keep it's design appeal year after year. Clothing that will form your core wardrobe. Styles that you're excited to wear year after year which compliment and build upon your existing wardrobe. This allows you to consume better and to consume less, which is important as half of the 150 billion new garments produced globally every year end up in landfills or being burnt within the first year of being made.




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