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From concept to manufacturing, ingénuité have since our inception, and continue to collaborate with our designers and manufacturers from the beginning to the end product.


Our main objective is sustainability, both in the products we produce and the employment we create. Job creation is paramount to our work ethic.


Our commitment to recycling and reusing is apparent in the products we showcase and evident in the items we design and manufacture. One of our stand-out textiles is a felt produced here in South Africa, from rPET single-use plastic bottles.


Our 100% PET recycled felt is produced locally with 1 metre of felt = x15 PET/standard plastic bottles. The collection of the bottles ranges from the informal sector recyclers to organised beach clean-ups. We are committed to supporting small businesses not only through the design & creation of our felt range but also through the sourcing of the materials used. Our felt range includes but is not limited to travel luggage, backpacks, laptop bags and housewares such as placemats, coasters, pouffs and wine / magazine holders.


All additional products are offcuts or second-hand, sourced from refurbishing upholsterers and manufacturers.


Our exclusive travel range is comprised solely of reclaimed aircraft seatbelts, supplied by a local aircraft refurbishing company. Every item is unique, depending on that week's collection, saving them from a landfill and making them worthy of first-class once more.


As with the seatbelts, all the leather details, such as straps; edging; tags and our trademark labels, are created from the offcuts of discarded leather from the aircraft upholstery refurbisher. These materials are given an entirely new life by our local designers and manufacturers, with each piece being hand cut, sewn and assembled.


A community of small businesses creating unique, sustainable handmade items. Taking recycled materials, we conceptualize, design and create using local talent and ingenuity.



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