Beach Seventy Six

Beach Seventy Six

3 years ago we started Beach Seventy Six whilst sat on a beach in Bali, watching the sun set and shedding our daily stresses. We've always believed in the physical and mental benefits the sea brings us and in the importance of protecting our oceans and its marine life from the damage being done through fashion and commerce industries. We are also normal women who love to be by the sea but not always comfortable in our own skin.

The swimwear we design is created with the modern day woman in mind, she appreciates fashion but also needs practicality, quality and comfort. Our colour palette is simple yet sophisticated and suits all women regardless of age, shape or ethnicity. Our imagery features real women and our customers, its important to us to show the beauty of women without retouching and filters.

As a socially conscious fashion brand we have a responsibility to protect our planet, people and animals. Our focus is on environmental and social change.

We want to protect our environment through using sustainable fabrics in our swimwear. We use Enconyl and Repreve yarns and fabrics in 50% of our swimwear with an aim to be fully sustainable by the end of 2021. Its also important to highlight Microplastics and the solutions for reduction. Microplastics are fragments of plastic that come away from your clothes when machine washing

We're involved in Biodiversity through the reforestation of Mangroves in our local community. We work with Azraq a local marine conservation charity through partnerships and raising awareness of ocean damage and 1% of the proceeds of our Lucia one piece goes back to Azraq to support their cause.

We are also committed to social change, through making sure we have a transparent supply chain. We work with factories who treat their employees fairly, where employees are free from discrimination and abuse, who have equal pay and equal rights. We are active in addressing the challenges we continue to see within the fashion supply chain and are committed to be part of the change - through action and education.