Inspired by the strong women in our lives, we created Allégorie to not only create sustainable handbags, but make a difference in the world around us. Our goal is to inspire others, men and women, to join in on this mission for a more sustainable future.

Our unique approach to repurposing fruits and plants is truly one-of-a-kind. Our collections are made of fruits, such as apples, mangoes and cactus, and many other bio-based and eco-friendly materials.

Together with our partners and suppliers around the world, we source and collect fruits and plants discarded by farms and grocery stores to create truly sustainable, unique bags. We started with mango and have since expanded the list to apple, cactus, corn, and sugarcane.

We believe fashion should not come at the cost of the environment. Unlike most vegan leathers that are made out of PVC, which generate new waste and toxic chemicals to the environment, our plant-based materials minimize impact to the environment and animals, increase income for farmers, and reduce food waste. When needed, we use recycled materials and water-based PU, which are far less toxic to the environment.

The result? A mostly biodegradable bag that’s stylish and high quality. 

 With a background in Corporate America, we know what working professionals need to be successful while on the go — function, style, and high-quality.

Each bag is crafted with you in mind. From the sleek outside appearance to the colorful interior, your Allégorie piece moves the needle forward on a greener planet while doing it in style.
Allégorie is proudly owned and managed by women and celebrates women empowerment in every aspect of life.
Staying true to our founding roots, we as a company stand for equality, diversity, and social responsibility.