Slow Down, Appreciate And Move

Subtle joys of life are found when we pause to appreciate the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds us, taking in the nourishment of our bodies to renew ourselves.

By Nadia Gardner

In today’s instant-gratification, catch-me-if-you-can world, we often miss the bliss that life presents us with. School runs, social commitments and stress can all lead to burn-out and elevated emotions of both elation and exhaustion. 

Meghan Currie, Founder and Creator of Isabelle Moon, describes how slowing down made her work and life more manageable and efficient. “When we move slower, we centre our mind and energy into that one specific thing we focus on. When we don’t rush things, we have time to process what is happening and how it goes. Automatically we will have time to collect all the feedback, grow ourselves and improve our creation. When we move slower, we pay attention to small things. Suddenly we appreciate beautiful simplicity. We become delighted and engaged more with our surroundings. Anxiety and stress levels are dropped while we enjoy life as we should be.” shares Meghan.

Appreciating and slowing down may be the lifeline your mind, body and soul is searching for. Yoga can be an incredible source of inspiration. 

Saul Phillips is a Consultant and Yoga teacher. After completing his training in Bali, he describes his teaching style as modern with an acute awareness of mobility, bringing maximum benefits to the student. “Slow movement advocates a cultural shift to slowing down life’s pace and as a result the mind. Yoga compliments this change and ultimately uses movement to still our fluctuating thoughts.” says Saul.

He explains three benefits of the slow movement of yoga…

Asana (posture) depth 

When we slow down our Asana practice and hold postures for three to five breaths, you are able to access a depth that isn’t usually accessible. With every inhale you are sending oxygen to every muscle, and when you exhale your muscles have the fuel needed to deepen the stretch. Repeat this three to five times and you access space in the body you wouldn’t have otherwise. Do not hold your breath.

Reduced risk for injuries 

By moving slowly in strengthening postures there is less risk of injury. Vinyasas is one breath, one movement, and flowing should always be achieved with intention, and correct alignment. Yoga in general improves the health of your bones while strengthening your spine, muscles, tendons and ligaments. These benefits work together to protect the body from injury. 

Mental repose 

Slower yoga focuses on proper alignment and mental repose. By devoting more time to an asana, you decrease stress levels and encourage relaxation by concentrating on your breath. Research shows that yoga significantly reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression. 

Tuning into the natural rhythms of your mind and body, listening to its call to vibrate at a smoother, slower pace and tapping into the release your soul needs can be just the ticket you need to recharge. Press pause, and go. 

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