Plain Tiger Spotlight: Three

Forward-thinking Fashion

By Renee Fortune

“Our journey began in 2017, with the simple idea of curating a brand that is an extension of the designer's personal style. It began with the sheer urge to create something that is creatively satisfying without evading your individuality – something that feels like a part of your own identity.” ~ Ishita Bhargava, founder of Three  

Identifying the extraordinary in the ordinary is the unique ability that allowed Ishita Bhargava to create a brand inspired by everyone and made for everyone. And there is an innate sense of humility and integrity that characterises her work as a designer and businesswoman – she does what she does out of pure curiosity and a sense of fascination with individuals who celebrate what it means to be authentically human. 

As she explains: “People are our biggest inspiration. While creating something that speaks to comfort and everyday luxury, it is important to deeply analyze and observe people. When you look around; when you travel, you see the different ways people dress, the way they layer and put together different pieces from different brands. Their self-expression and sense of individuality is our biggest inspiration.”

This sense of individual style and fashion flair is reflected in the dynamism of the Three collection. While the Three design appeal reflects an appreciation for geometry, asymmetry and colour play, the collection is devoid of monotony – every piece exists in its own space and its own time, treating customers to a perpetual sense of choice and newness. 

Balloon sleeves exist alongside pleats. Abstract prints exist alongside lined detailing. Three is a brand that you cannot tie down to one aesthetic. It’s a brand that appeals to its customer’s love for experimentation and difference. 

“There is something so inspiring and beautiful about things that are imperfect. We love and appreciate asymmetry and imperfection within and around us, and traces of those imperfections are reflected in our silhouettes, hemlines, and even our branding,” says Ishita.

Three exists at the intersection of comfort, quality and utility. These three ideas combine to create fashion that transitions effortlessly from the workday to the weekend. 

There is also something distinctly modest about Three’s collections, with its high-necked dresses, scarf accessories and long-length shirts, designed to be paired with floaty bottoms that speak to the necessity for breathable fashion in hot climates. 

In the Three collection, you’ll find pieces for men, women and children, all thoughtfully designed to allow for freedom of movement while straddling the line between function and form to embody a sense of utilitarian style.

And as is the case with all Plain Tiger brands, consciousness is key.

For Ishita, the notion of sustainability describes a way of life – something pervasive; a golden thread that runs through everything she does as a person and as the founder of a clothing brand. At the office, she advocates for the use of glass bottles over plastic bottles and ceramic crockery over disposal ones. Her minimum wastage policy means that unused or surplus textiles are repurposed to create new pieces and items such as cloth bags which can be used and reused.


The word, “keepsakes,” is how Ishita describes Three clothing. Nothing brings her more joy than knowing that her cottons, wools and linens abide by exceptional quality requirements and are designed to last for generations. Each item is made to order in India, to avoid excess production and promote a “slow fashion” approach to stepping out in style. For Inshita, there is no trade-off between living luxuriously and living consciously.

Through her circular approach to fashion, Ishita hopes to inspire customers to make sustainable choices that take the earth and its people into consideration. 

$65.00 USD