Plain Tiger Spotlight: Scientia

 Supercharged skincare

By Renee Fortune

My heart leaps for joy when I see a product featuring the Leaping Bunny. 

Scientia skincare is shelfie-worthy, there’s no doubt about it. It’s the kind of skincare you’d never stash away in a cabinet or in the cupboard under the sink. If you’re OCD (like me), you’d line all the products up, labels forward and according to size. And if you’re more eclectically inclined, you may want to mix it up in a glorious melange of pastel shades. Whatever your tastes are, Scientia is the kind of skincare you want on display. 

Oh and did we mention that all the packaging is manufactured from sustainable glass and printed using soy ink? But – as you’ll be delighted to discover, the packaging is certainly not where the magic ends. 

What most bloggers and reviewers of Scientia products agree on is that before you feel the sumptuous texture of the product on your skin, you’ll catch its refreshing scent. Peach, sweet almond, rosehip, watermelon – it’s like splashing your face with cool water, infused with a festival of tropical fruit. 

Scientia extracts the essence of the most nourishing, uplifting, natural ingredients and combines them with scientifically engineered elements to produce mixtures that put the goodness back in your everyday glow-up. With Scientia you get the best of both worlds. As founder, Tiffany Salmon puts it: 

“Forget about the natural vs synthetic debate. We go for good ingredients – the ones that do good and work hard. Whether that’s tranexamic acid whipped up in a lab, or an avocado fresh from the tree.”

Take the Peachy Clean Milky Oil Cleanser for example. First you’ll catch a hint of its dreamy scent. Then you’ll feel its luxurious texture. It transforms into a milky emulsion when coming into contact with water, creating a silky smooth layer of moisture that you massage into your skin. This product is all about moisture. Its formula contains a secret complex designed to leave an ultra-thin, non-greasy layer of protective hydration on the skin even after rinsing. Glycerin, Baobab oil, amino acids, antioxidants, jojoba – it’s got all the good stuff.
The best part is that Scientia products are Leaping Bunny certified and approved by the Vegan Society. So it’s right up there with the brands who are pioneering a new approach to skincare and ultimately, what it means to be beautiful. As a vegan, cruelty-free brand, not only is its packaging eco-friendly, its ingredients are hand-harvested by groups of people within the surrounding communities. 

And, as Tiffany reminds us, “sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromise.” Scientia couldn’t leave you further from feeling like, you’re settling for lower quality or results because you’re conscious of how skincare production impacts the planet and its people. Instead, what you’ll get is the whole package. Scientia products are slow-made and quality tested according to strict criteria that ensure each product contains the ideal mix of ingredients to make the biggest impact on your skin. 

Founder Tiffany tested and created many beauty products over a period of 15 years. She put in the legwork, she did the homework and she put in the hours to understand what skin needs in order to thrive. For Tiffany, producing a product that is easy to understand and use has always been her priority. Scientia is a range of skincare that keeps skincare simple by focusing on “minimal effort and maximum results.”

Most importantly, Scientia is about the experience of skincare. Looking after yourself, investing in the health of your biggest organ and spoiling yourself to much-needed downtime should never be seen as a chore. There’s something sacred about self care. And Scientia is the first step on a journey of self love – a return to appreciating your body, which works so hard to keep you going every day. 

As Tiffany explains: “The act of sitting down and applying a carefully chosen routine each morning, the feeling you get when your skin looks flawless. Grabbing a glass of rosé after a long day. Investing in yourself – that’s self care. From the results it produces, to our aromatherapeutic blends, we’re all about feel-good rituals, giving you a glow from the inside out.