Plain Tiger Spotlight: Orchidbloom

Clean and conscious, Orchidbloom plant-based skincare contains ethically sourced natural compounds and organic ingredients.

By Nadia Gardner

The intangible benefits of plant ingredients are abundant. Plants have been used for both mystical and medicinal purposes for centuries, and we love the mysterious aspects of traditional medicine and spirituality that come into play.
Founder Yasmina Fakier explains why the plant-based brand Orchidbloom  is so personal to her. “I was diagnosed with a rare cancer a few years ago and have since been more mindful of what I put onto and take into my body. Orchidbloom is a ‘clean and conscious’ beauty brand and every day, I have this wonderful opportunity of creating luxurious products and nurturing a lifestyle brand that hopefully one day, will be the legacy I leave behind.”
Born in 2014, the clean and conscious products are tested in a lab, and include an ECOCERT approved preservation system where necessary, to ensure the products remain safe and stable for your daily use.

With a wellness philosophy of “we don’t promise miracles, only goodness”, the brand does not test on animals and supports beauty without cruelty.
What makes it unique?

“It is a minimalist range of plant-based products focusing on micro-nutrition for the skin, incorporating sustainably sourced natural ingredients,” says Yasmina.
The biggest misconception is that organic or natural skincare is ineffective or does not work. On the contrary, there are so many locally manufactured brands that produce some amazing natural skincare products. This proves the credibility and value natural skincare has gained through the years.

“I always recommend making small changes such as adding a skin oil and building up from there. The Pomelo & Maracuja Serum is an amazing addition with its high Vitamin C content which is absolutely beneficial in skincare,” says Yasmina.

Orchidbloom in the future

“The vision has always been about ‘organic growth’ and this has ensured brand sustainability thus far. Orchidbloom was created with passion and purpose and I have since aligned it with partners who are just as passionate about it as I am. We are currently and very consciously entering new spaces starting with the European market shortly which is quite exciting. As for a five year plan, I am one hundred percent certain that Orchidbloom will be exactly where it is meant to be,” muses Yasmina.
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