Plain Tiger Spotlight: N3YH

Fashion you can live in

By Renee Fortune

There are many wonderful words you could use to describe N3YH, the brand. Its official slogan is ‘eco-luxe athleisure.’ And it captures the essence of the brand perfectly. But, it can also be described as a sentiment; which is that fashion should be something that’s ‘lived in,’ rather than just worn. And style is an element of lifestyle, rather than something that exists outside the realm of everyday living. If that sentiment resonates with you, N3YH certainly speaks your language. 

Those were the days…

Brand founder, Tanja Merlo Wobmann lived and studied fashion design in sunny California. Her most formative creative years played out during a turn of the century for the fashion world; as it were. Those were the days when the jury was out on whether ‘tights are pants,’ and activewear was breaking free from the confines of yoga and pilates studios and making its foray on the streetwear scene. 
In previous years, wellness, fitness and health were ‘after-5’ types of activities. But, as the digital age began to take shape and the lines between different components of contemporary life began to merge, something new and refreshing was introduced to curbs and catwalks around the world. 
The early noughties was the dawn of fashion’s athleisure era and it was simply delicious. And while some industry experts shrugged it off as a passing fad and the product of a temporary obsession with all things wellness, athleisure found its footing and we’ve been dancing with it ever since.
After all, why did style and comfort need to be seen as mutually exclusive factors? And why couldn’t you spruce up your workout gear for a cute office ensemble and then hit the gym straight after work? 
Athleisure provided the answers every woman was searching for at a time in history when choosing the path of least resistance was becoming the only sustainable way to survive life in the fast lane.
A fashion journey across the seas

Inspired by these influences and the brands that were pioneering athleisure at the time, Tanja relocated to South Africa. There she found that there wasn’t as much choice for lovers of athleisure beyond the offerings of big sporting brands. 
During this time, Tanja also discovered and embraced the need for innovators to carve out a more environmentally-friendly and conscious future for fashion. And just like that, a gap in the market intersected with one of the most pressing issues in fashion, and N3YH was born. It so happened that these are the best years to be building a brand like N3YH, because, as Tanja explains:

“N3YH is innovative, fashion-forward, and caters to the needs of the modern woman. This is the energy we bring to the South African market and beyond. Women can look good, feel good, and do good by supporting a sustainable and socially responsible brand. We therefore believe that our vision aligns perfectly with the changing needs and values of today’s consumers.”

A leisurely flip through the lookbook

Activewear. Loungewear. Sleepwear. Tick them all off your list right now because you’ll find it all in the N3YH collection. And while you’re at it, prepare for a print explosion. You’ll find super-soft, second-skin-feel leggings in tropical and block prints. And loungewear sets that will make you look and feel like you’re lying in a bed of roses. You’ll also find snuggly sleepwear in pink-violet hues and luxurious shades of red. 

The textiles of choice are all eco-friendly – bamboo and recycled polyester bring absolute comfort to pieces that will add a pop of colour and character to your capsule wardrobe. 

“As a responsible brand, we have a duty to look after our planet, and we have a voice to spread the word and make a difference. We want to show the world that sustainable wear can be stylish, fashion-forward, and comfortable. Gone are the days when ‘green’ brands were stiff and old-fashioned. At N3YH, we are changing the narrative, and we hope to inspire others to do the same,” says Tanja.
For the source of these futureproof fabrics and artistic designs, we cross the equator to the edge of the world – Cape Town, or The Mother City as it has fondly been named. Here, a team of women artisans are the powerhouses behind N3YH – a brand that supports and stands for “female power” and serves the style needs of women on-the-go.

Because leggings are the new jeans

In the collection, you’ll find everything you need to go from AM to PM in style and ultra comfort. Heading out for a morning run? Outfit sorted. Doing the daily grind from your desk at home? N3YH has the loungewear you can do it in. And when it comes time for some well-deserved shut-eye, you’ll have the all-season sleepwear that dreams are made of. You can literally go from work to workout and back again – N3YH’s got you covered.
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