Plain Tiger Spotlight: Muulin

Keep it classic. Make it capsule. 

By Renee Fortune

Muulin is a sustainable fashion brand dedicated to the basics. But there’s nothing #basic about anything that’s sporting a Muulin label – and that’s meant in the most literal sense possible, because Muulin’s care labels are made from natural cotton to allow for a level of comfort that considers absolutely everything. So say goodbye to the days of needing to cut off your care labels to avoid the incessant itch and the annoying skin irritation. These garments will clothe you in a way that’s not cumbersome. Instead, you’ll feel relaxed, cared for and confident.

When you think Muulin, think ‘capsule,’ because it’s a minimalist fashionista’s shangri-la. In the collection you’ll find breezy maxi dresses with quintessential A-line cuts and adjustable waist ties to flatter the figure. You’ll also find summery slip dresses with classic round necklines and feminine side slits that allow for freedom of movement. 

There are hoodies and joggers for your morning runs, tailored jackets for afternoon meetings and elegant blouses for dinners out on the town. Most delightful is that you’ll find children’s clothing to match, so if you’re the kind of mom who’s dreamed of stepping out with your little one in a matching outfit, this is where you’ll find it. 

A capsule wardrobe for children? Brilliant. Why not start early?

One thing you’ll find in abundance in the Muulin range is linen, crafted from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, produced according to stringent criteria to avoid harming the planet or human health. The linen fabric that Muulin uses is sourced in Lithuania and each garment is produced by a small team of artisans in Estonia. 

The fabric’s chemical-free makeup means that it won’t cause irritation to sensitive skin, making it super comfortable and effortless to slip on and slip off. 

In the collection you’ll also find organic cotton manufactured in Turkey, according to ethical manufacturing processes that prioritise the environment, as well as the wellbeing of the artisans who produce each piece. 

Richard Vald, co-founder & CEO of Muulin, says the brand is about reconciling the ideals of beauty, comfort and ethical production. For the team behind Muulin, there is simply no reason why these three ideals can’t co-exist in a fashion brand that uses creative thinking and innovation to strike this delicate balance. Although as delicate as it may be, striking the balance is essential to the future of fashion.

As Richard explains: “We want to play a central role in moving away from a fashion industry that values profit above all else. Because unfortunately, the ‘profit-first’ mindset manifests in pollution, artificial and harmful fabrics, unfair labour practices and questionable supply chains. We want to charter a new path for fashion. That mission is a key part of why we exist and how we choose to run Muulin as a brand.”

Muulin is undeniably Scandi in its design approach. Its designs are urbane and sophisticated, erring forever on the side of simplicity, with not a hint of pretense or extravagance. It’s a brand for people who wear their clothes, as opposed to letting their clothes wear them. 

Muulin is for individuals. It’s clothing that’s designed for the long haul – inspired by the perfection of today, but in anticipation of an eternity of tomorrows. 
“All our designs are based on the same concept of ‘timelessness’. We take an uncompromising approach to quality and create basics that can work together in a capsule wardrobe. There’s also an element of ‘spacelessness’ to our design philosophy, where we create garments that can transition effortlessly into and through different settings and environments. We design with our customers in mind and think about where they go, what they do and how they’d like to look and feel every day,” explains Richard. 
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