Plain Tiger Spotlight: Meus

For the love of briefs and sweatshirts

By Renee Fortune

Sébastian wanted good-quality brief, sans the frills. Benoit just wanted his own fashion brand and a few good sweatshirts. And that really, was how the meus story began back in 2018, the year that marked the meeting of minds to create something that spoke the language of sustainable fashion. 

The pair set out to create a brand that embodied and lent itself to the concept of movement. The French word, mouvoir captured the idea, but not quite the attitude. And so, ‘meus’ – the conjugated form of the word took its place as the official name of a brand that makes fashion “to live in,” as Sébastian explains.

Interestingly, the word ‘meus’ (pronounced may-yoos) is the Latin word for ‘mine,’ and for the brand it represents, it’s the perfect fit. Meus – to everyone who wears it, is a personal fashion statement – a move away from throwaway culture towards something more life-giving and supportive of life. 

This sense of ‘life’ is captured in colour. But not the kind of primary colours you’d find in the spectrum of a rainbow. These colours are somewhere in between; and perhaps within primary colours; mixed and blended in shades that you don’t ordinarily see on the shelves. 

For Sébastian, meus is a celebration of life through colour and a form of expression that dares to go beyond familiar territory and explore and experiment. This, in a nutshell, captures the meus customer – people who care about quality and believe that every good wardrobe begins with the basics, but people who aren’t afraid to play.

As Sébastian explains: “after the pandemic, two years into having founded meus, we sensed that the world and its people wanted to return to themselves. We sensed that everywhere, there was a renewed focus on the importance of taking care of oneself, returning to the fundamental principles of what good, wholesome living is all about. And meus really speaks to this outlook. Our clothing makes people feel good, comfortable and at home within their individual cocoons of colour.”

Sustainability is at the core of the creative philosophy of the brand. Garments are produced at a run of no more than 50 items per silhouette. The textiles chosen meet stringent quality standards and production occurs slowly and consciously, in Portugal. Any dyes that are used are eco-friendly and any unsold items do not end up at the bottom of a landfill. Instead, leftover items are customised to tell a new story. Each item is precious, treasured and taken care of in studio the same way that Sébastian and Benoit expect their customers to care for their meus garments at home. 

If briefs and sweatshirts were the original ‘muses of meus,’ then that is certainly still the case. This is simply a brand that makes comfortable, durable, breathable men’s briefs and a few other delightful threads. You’ll find them in vanilla and pomegranate and caramel and blue. Sometimes a stripe or two is thrown in to spice things up. And if you look closely enough, the tone-on-tone ‘m’ emblem will remind you that what you’re wearing is distinctively meus. And, for lovers of classic sweats and tees, this brand will not disappoint. You’ll find a generous selection of these capsule wardrobe classics in shades that you recognise and some you may not. 

Meus does timeless.
It does elegant.
It does classic. 
And; as you’ll discover, it does it well. 
$65.00 USD