Plain Tiger Spotlight: Little Things Studio

Indian Ingenuity

By Renee Fortune

The Little Things Studio fashion brand hails from the shores of India and was founded by Ankita Srivastava, a Textile Design graduate from NIFT, New Delhi and an exchange student from the University of Leeds in the UK. In the range, you will find no shortage of colour, pattern, texture or form although beiges and blacks certainly have a place. This vivacious design character embodies the dynamism and energy of India. 

Little Things Studio produces fashion that finds its place somewhere between classic and vintage shapes, with a burst of contemporary colour. The end result is riveting. In the collection, you’ll find tailored suits, playful saree-blouse combos, and romantic dresses infused with personal touches, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Ankita’s designs are inspired by Indian culture as seen through a global lens.

When asked about the inspiration behind the brand name, Ankita explained that, "while brainstorming a name for my upcoming brand, I asked myself: ‘what brings me true bliss?’ The answer to that is collecting little pretty things. Ironically, it wasn’t until the establishment of the brand that I realised how small changes can make big differences.”

This is slow fashion at its finest. Each garment is hand woven and hand printed, constructed into luxurious staples that appeal to appreciators of good fashion that is rooted in doing good. Sustainability is at the core of how each garment is made and what it is made from. In the range you’ll find voluptuous pieces made from pure handloom cotton, cotton silk, Cupro (vegan silk) organic cotton and very soon, you’ll find orange fibre fabric in the collection. 

All Little Things Studio garments are crafted at an atelier in Shahpur Jat, Delhi and shipped throughout the world. To further reduce its carbon footprint, the brand only interacts with customers and sells online, and is proudly available on Plain Tiger.

On her design philosophy, Ankita commented: “The ethos of our brand lies in bringing comfort, luxury and sustainability to our consumers. In a world where everyone is rushing to ‘have it all,’ we stick to a less-is-more philosophy. We believe in co-creating together with similar minds while spreading positive vibes. When all’s said and done, it's the little things in life that really matter.”

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