Plain Tiger Spotlight: KOS Paris

Take the KOS PARIS Adventure Across the Gardens of the World

By Renee Fortune, Lifestyle Content Creator

Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America – these regions, rich in natural diversity, are where natural and organic ingredients are sourced for their exceptional health benefits and blended to make KOS PARIS cosmetic care products. Prickly pear seed oil, acai berries and Argan oil are among the most powerful natural ingredients, harnessed for their ability to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. These extraordinary ingredients are expertly blended in the KOS PARIS laboratory in Paris, France. 

Founder, Sophie Allouche consults with the experts when it comes to creating a world-class line of products. She has intentionally surrounded herself with formulating engineers and an ethnobotanist to produce body, hair and facial care products that are “good for humans.”

Allouche is herself a vegetarian and cares deeply about environmental issues. For this reason, you won’t find any preservatives, silicone, petrochemical derivatives or mineral oil in any of the KOS PARIS products.

The brand is a one-stop shop for beauty, established on the premise that the natural environment is something to be revered and respected. 

KOS PARIS is a company of commitments. Every year, the company is audited by Ecocert, which verifies compliance with the Ecological and Organic Cosmetics standard ECOCERT Greenlife (Version 2 – May 2011). As such, 92% of the products developed do not contain water, and all packaging is completely recyclable. 

This environment-first approach to manufacturing translates into all parts of its production line – even the cardboard used for the boxes comes from sustainably managed forests. And the KOS PARIS commitment to ethical business does not end there.

KOS PARIS employees are educated on environmental issues and the brand itself uses only fair-trade partners and producers, taking into account the sustainable development policies of each partner. 

Aiming at all times to build lasting relationships with reliable partners, KOS PARIS is a brand that’s built for the long run, in a world where the wellbeing of the planet really matters.

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