Plain Tiger Spotlight: KJ Serums

Glowing with goodness

By Renee Fortune

Kathryn Jones Hand Blended Serums (or KJ Serums for short), was a brand born out of that wonderful ‘mother of invention’ we call, ‘necessity.’ 

Founder Kathryn Jones had built a successful career in the UK bio-pharmaceutical sector, but felt that not only were the major skincare brands too expensive, but many mainstream products simply did not produce the kind of results she was looking for. In addition, she found that many ‘off-the-shelf’ skincare brands were packed with preservatives and chemical additives that aren’t good for the skin. 

Kathryn dreamed of creating a skincare brand that was both “clean and effective”, because in her world, those two notions should never be seen as mutually exclusive. That was the beginning of KJ Serums, a brand founded in 2017 to bring women (and men!) products that harness the efficacy of fresh, active ingredients. 

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, KJ Serums was referred to as “couture for the face.” And while apparently you should never judge a book by its cover, when you hold one of Kathyrn Jones’s elixirs, you’ll immediately realise that you’re holding something truly high-end. Each serum comes packaged in a dropper bottle, with a sophisticated label. In the range, you’ll find “HA-ppy face, Hydrasilk, Essential Glow” and our favourite, “Skin Karma.”

When it comes to the formulas for her products, the ‘less is more’ axiom definitely applies. Kathryn pares down each blend to allow for ‘minimum ingredients and maximum results’. 

KJ Serums has established itself in the UAE market, as part of a sub-sector of the wider beauty market that believes that looking after your skin should never mean slathering on harsh chemicals or turning a blind eye to the journey that product took before it reached the shelf. As KJ serums expands to a broader global audience, it does so having captured the hearts and minds of a loyal customer base in the UAE. 

A collection of before and after pictures sent through by happy customers is testament to the effectiveness of KJ Serums. Pigmentation is reduced, dull skin looks brighter, acne scars are reduced and skin looks smoother and refreshed. These are the kind of results that keep Kathryn’s customers coming back and prove how effective Mother Nature’s own ingredients can be at making you look and feel healthier and happier. 
At its core, KJ Serums is a family business that upholds the kind of principles that puts people first. In doing so, Kathryn supervises the hand blending process of all its products and makes an effort to interact with customers directly to offer advice, receive feedback and share her expertise. Through interfacing with her client base, Kathyrn has been able to witness first-hand how her skincare products are not only changing the way people look after their skin, but also the way they make choices about the brands they support and the values that those brands uphold.

As Kathryn explains: “I am a huge proponent of balanced living – drinking water, using a high SPF sunscreen, and developing a disciplined skincare regime are all part of the reason why KJ Serums has been able to produce the amazing results it has for so many customers.”

The Triology serums you’ll find in the KJ Serums collection are made in small batches on a monthly basis, to reduce waste and optimise the efficacy of the freshest ingredients used in each product. In fact, KJ Serums is the only skincare manufacturer in the UAE that delivers fresh vitamin C serums to its customers on a monthly basis. 

Trilogy is made using the L-ascorbic acid from vitamin C, which is extremely effective at penetrating the skin. This ingredient is particularly effective as an anti-ageing product that hydrates the skin, protects it from sun damage, increases collagen production and evens out the skin tone. You know when people say someone is ‘glowing’? That’s the effect that vitamin C has the power to produce and with KJ Serums, it’s bottled, super fresh, active, potent and ready to work its magic. 

On the need for a more sustainable beauty industry, Kathryn is very clear. “Sustainability is not a buzzword, it’s a philosophy and a way of living and consuming that KJ Serums works very hard to support and protect. To become a sustainable brand requires a lot of research, time, and discipline. For us, this means being meticulous about how we source our raw materials, and being transparent about our fair wage labour policy and how our decisions as skincare product manufacturers affect the world at large. As such, we constantly audit our methods and supply chain to put our commitment to a cleaner industry into practice.”

From here, this young brand has the world at its fingertips. And its customers have the best natural ingredients at theirs.