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Plain Tiger Spotlight: Kitmate

Kitmate: Transforming the Beauty Industry one Makeup Accessory at a Time

By Renee Fortune, Lifestyle Content Creator

Kitmate is exactly that – a woman’s BCF or “best cosmetic friend.” Founders, Katharina Brennan and Melanie Meyer met on set, where they were working as professional makeup artists. Between them, they have almost two decades of experience as hair and makeup artists operating out of Dubai. Function meets form in Kitmate’s collection of organiser bags, beauty tools and accessories, designed for women on the move. 

At its essence, Kitmate solves common problems that all women encounter when it comes to their makeup kits. Their cooling cosmetic bags protect temperature-sensitive items like lipstick and medication, from sun damage. Their “No-Crease” hair clips allow you to pin hair back during the application of makeup, without creating a crease. Their PVC-lined Pencil Kit organiser is a makeup artist’s trusted little helper and can store up to 80 pencils or brushes – a handy storage solution when travelling. 

When it comes to sustainability, Katharina and Melanie have a strong stance. There is a growing call for the beauty industry to become more sustainable, and Kitmate is on a mission to answer that call on a number of levels. 

As a fully female-led business, Kitmate strives to empower women and meet their unique needs. Its first eco-friendly line marks the beginning of a more environmentally-friendly approach to beauty, which will culminate in the founders’ goal to become 100% sustainable by 2026. Katharina and Melanie are working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop new products produced from recycled materials. 

As Melanie explains: “We are committed to social responsibility, and that means ensuring that human rights are protected throughout all aspects of our supply chain. We are very happy to see that consumers are making more sustainable choices when it comes to beauty, and we’re ready to meet that demand.”

As one of the first makeup organiser brands in the world to launch a sustainable product line, Kitmate has its finger on the pulse of the times. “The time has come where eco-friendly materials should be the first choice when it comes to product development and design,” said Melanie.

Kitmate stands by its promise to develop products that are, “built to work and last, even under extreme conditions.” And where better to develop such products than in the United Arab Emirates, where extreme heat can pose a threat to fragile makeup items?

In a short space of time, Kitmate has expanded its territory from the Middle East to the international market, and is on its way to becoming synonymous with convenience and versatility in the thriving beauty industry. 


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