Plain Tiger Spotlight: Inlight Beauty

Modern-day alchemy with a touch of magic

By Renee Fortune

Health and beauty expert, Jo Fairley fondly referred to Inlight Beauty as a ‘doctor’s brand with a difference.’ Co-Founder and Scientific Director, Dr Spiezia is no newcomer to the world of skincare. His background in orthodox medicine provided the perfect foundation for experimenting with and closely observing how the skin reacts to organic ingredients. 

As some of Dr Spiezia’s first work, he created ointment for patients with skin sensitivities and conditions. The results were remarkable – a catalyst for product development and thorough research into how organic skincare can be fine-tuned and perfected. 

From day one, Inlight Beauty positioned itself as a brand with a firm stance on sustainability, underpinned by the Doctor’s belief that true sustainability begins at the level of “seed and soil.” 

As he explains: “for years people have been bombarded by greenwashing. Now it’s time for transparency and sound provenance. With skin issues and reactions increasing, consumers are keen to find truly natural, organic, and effective products. Many years of medical practice and scientific research led me to acknowledge that nature has all the answers if we observe, listen and respect it carefully.”

When you get to know the products in the Inlight Beauty range, you’ll notice how each one leaves a first impression. At first glance you’ll understand that ‘what you see is what you get’ – the brand aesthetic is distinctively minimalist and monochrome, branded with trademark symbols that represent the elements and allude back to the ancient art of alchemy. And that really is what Inlight Beauty is – modern-day alchemy, driven by scientific advancement and inspired by the organic efficacy of nature. You could think of Dr Spiezia as an alchemist, dedicated to bringing different elements and ingredients together to create something new, something powerful, something that’s so much greater than the sum of its parts. 

Ingredients like spirulina, blended into the Inlight Superfood Mask, are prime examples of how organic ingredients can be harnessed to produce results that brighten and nourish the skin. Spirulina, which is rich in chlorophyll, serves to detoxify the skin. Combined with barley grass and rosehip oil to repair, the combined synergy stimulates cell renewal and collagen production to plum, firm and refresh the skin. 

As Dr Spiezia says: “Our Superfood Mask is ideal for skin that is tired, opaque and lacks radiance. The high antioxidant activity tackles blemishes and redness and will leave skin glowing, as if you have just been for a bracing walk along the Cornish cliffs!”

There’s a secret that’s unique to Inlight Beauty, Dr Spiezia’s Bio Lipophilic Matrix® – a unique blend of organic, cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their biochemical affinity to the skin. Each blend, which contains super concentrated oils, is energised using a patented technique to enhance the oils’ vital force and regenerative capabilities. In the mix you’ll also find antioxidants, skin-loving vitamins and essential fatty acids. It’s everything you could ever want in organic skincare. 

Inlight Beauty believes in and practices slow beauty. Each ingredient is extracted, mixed and slowly distilled for over a month in cold-pressed oil, being exposed to the perfect amount of sunlight and moonlight to harness their rejuvenating potential. Once the oils have been imbued with their powerful herbal ingredients, they are filtered to produce a pure oil blend. The final touch is the addition of essential oils or beeswax. 

And then there’s what you could think of as the ‘artist’s flourish.’ Because Dr Spiezia is a keen proponent of quantum physics and modern science, he believes that all matter is ‘alive’ with its own vibrational waves. Therefore, every raw ingredient and blend is exposed to a series of unique techniques including tuning sounds, alchemical symbols, colours and words of intention. These methods have been scientifically proven to enhance the ingredients’ vibrational energy, inherent vitality and efficacy.

Scientifically proven to enhance the ingredients vitality and product efficacy.

Inlight Beauty is a brand for people who love themselves. As the Doctor explains: “our customers are people who aren’t chasing a quick fix, but are looking to make an investment into themselves: their health, their happiness and their wellbeing. 

For our customers, results are key and quality is a non-negotiable; but most importantly we serve the needs of people who believe that good beauty shouldn’t cost the earth – figuratively, literally or any dimension in between.”
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