Plain Tiger Spotlight: House of Gozdawa

Scen(t)sational scent

By Greer Krige

The olfactory sense is a powerful one and closely linked to the mind and memory centre- that’s why sent is closely associated with nostalgia. House of Gozdawa’s aim is to transport you to real places they’ve explored through their scent - sourcing journeys and to remind you of memorable experiences. 

Scent is a very personal thing - what appeals to one person may not another. The same scent may smell very different on different people. This is even more evident in fragrances with natural ingredients that react to each person’s skin makeup. Aspects such as PH, gender, diet, age and even race impact the way in which your body and natural perfume respond to one another. We each have a unique scent/skin relationship and thus a personalised scent.

“I am inspired by the very continent we live on and its vastness of cultures and peoples. Born here and travelling through many countries and cultures, I was always drawn to the idea of communicating the different identities which inhabit the continent as best as I could. The opportunity to showcase what people, cultures and experiences this continent is made up of, through a material as tangible as scent, felt to be the correct medium for me. Africa is a deeply complex continent with an equally complex and challenging history ongoing. My wish is to share as much of it with the world as I can to inspire further understanding and appreciation, and hopefully inspire more people to come experience first-hand.” says Agata

House of Gozdawa makes exclusively natural fragrances inspired by the African continent. They are passionate about using unique and indigenous natural ingredients.

All the fragrances in their products contain 100 % natural essential oils and/or naturally derived materials and ingredients that are grown and gathered from the natural world and then extracted. It is a more complex process that synthesises scent but results in a perfume that is truly exquisite.


By using the finest raw ingredients in their products, House of Gozdawa’s scents - whether released via diffusers, candles, incense or soaps - give a more complex, elegantly subtle and smoother scent.

Ambient mist (home and linen spray) Chela Nights - takes inspiration from ‘chela,’ a cleansing ritual used to remove the day’s energy from the home, preparing it for ancestors to enter and guide the dreams of their kin. Made with essential oils known for their psychoactive properties, it is perfect for enhancing relaxation and sleep quality- spritz onto your bed linen and enjoy sweet dreams. 

“The Chela Nights Ambient & Linen scent is a perfect representation of Southern African flora with a softening European pallette. It also has the beautiful, functional properties of the plant, assisted relaxation, sleep through the activated production of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the body, which aids in calming the mind and body. This scent is created not only for its olfactory pleasure but for its effect on the body and mind too.” says Agata

Incense – there are sticks that are handmade and dried for three weeks and also hand-rolled cones. Each one conjures up a sense of a different story and experience and transports you to exotic far off lands.

Shard soap – Va Va Va Vetyver- (vetiver?) scented from perfume oils found on farms across Africa. Uniquely shaped like a shard of rock and further sculpted with use- a beautifully unique addition to the bathroom.

Candles- made from essential oils and natural waxes – exude delicious scents that waft through the home space. The candle vessels are handmade from black terracotta with a subtle Copper Carbonate stain to add a subtle metallic hint. These are reusable and are ideal for storing trinkets and other keepsakes in every room in the home.

And what’s more -their products contain no parabens, sulphates, or phthalates. And are not tested on animals- just the way we like things.

$122.00 USD

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