Plain Tiger Spotlight: EMILIA OHRTMANN

Inspired by confidence, designed for the confident

By Renee Fortune

The ‘perfect moment’ to start a business never comes. Spending time waiting for the opportune moment, could be time wasted. When it comes to chasing a dream; and especially starting a business, the best advice anyone could give is to “just start.”

This is the philosophy that Emilia Ohrtmann expanded on in her book entitled, It’s Your Life –  How to Choose Confidence. In the process of writing it, she unlocked the courage and the grit to apply the same principle to her own dream, to build a brand that epitomises feminine confidence. This is the origin story of EMILIA OHRTMANN, the brand.

In a sense, the fashion brand is an outward manifestation of Emilia’s philosophy on life, and the importance of believing in yourself as a woman and celebrating what it means to embrace your own personal sense of power and prowess.
Emilia Ohrtmann is an author, a business woman, a podcast co-host and a mother of four. Life has called upon her to wear many hats and wear them proudly. Her multifaceted nature has translated into a clothing line that reflects the same sense of versatility and adaptability.

The EMILIA OHRTMANN collection is a sublime indulgence in the world of monochrome, underpinned by an appreciation for classic style. Each piece can be paired with a number of different items, creating endless opportunities to experiment, play and express your sense of individuality.

When the world thinks, “trendy,” EMILIA OHRTMANN thinks “trans-seasonal.” The clothing line is designed to be worn all year round, dressed up, dressed down and everything in between. At EMILIA OHRTMANN, you’ll find all the staples you need to transition effortlessly and stylishly through the seasons.

As she explains, “EMILIA OHRTMANN is for the modern woman who understands the importance of balancing business, family and self. Who knows the value of looking effortlessly chic and feeling confident day and night. The amazing fabrics, the simple and clean cuts that fit a range of different body shapes, and how easy it is to pair with items you already have in your wardrobe; are all part of what makes the brand unique. ”

When founding the brand, Emilia had no direct vision to build a sustainable brand. She simply built a brand around her own personal values. Principles like reusing and recycling are part of her way of thinking about the world around her, so intuitively, this carried through into her business model..

Operating mostly online allows Emilia to reduce her carbon footprint. This is supported by other measures like reducing waste, using biodegradable packaging instead of plastic, delivering products in reusable cotton bags, using natural and vegan fabrics, and designing pieces that are made to last for the long-haul. Without her setting out to create a brand that represents the future of fashion, she did exactly that. There is something innately authentic and endearing about everything that EMILIA OHRTMANN stands for as a brand and as the culmination of a dynamic woman’s long-standing dream. 

EMILIA OHRTMANN represents the power of choice.

As an individual, Emilia chooses positivity, every day. She chooses to make constructive decisions that will affect the world around her in a positive way. As conscious consumers, we have the ability to do the same, because as Emilia writes:
“We are responsible for what we see in the world. We can choose to see the good things. We can choose to see the good in the world. We have a choice. We have the choice to make the best out of situations that are presented to us, out of the blessings that are given to us.”
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