Plain Tiger Spotlight: Dr Jackson's Natural Skincare

Skin Deep

By Nadia Gardner

Mindfully created, ethically sourced, Dr Jackson’s is a brand that believes clean beauty starts with consumers knowing exactly what they are applying on their skin.  

We speak to Kristijana Durakic, Dr Jackson’s Scientific Officer and Patrick Bos, CEO, to discover more…

Clean Beauty refers to skincare products that are clean of any known or suspected harmful ingredients, and safe for both consumer’s skin health and for the environment. At Dr Jackson’s, the term clean beauty is imperative to what they stand for.

For us, Clean Beauty means being responsible for our actions and the impact they create for future generations. Our products combine over 30 years of leading scientific research between Dr Jackson and our team of scientists and formulation experts and are based on the principles of pharmacognosy: the study of natural medicines derived from plants and their traditional uses,” explains Kristijana.

One of the biggest misconceptions about natural skincare is that it is not as potent, or that it is less effective because it doesn’t contain fortifying synthetic additives or ingredients.

Dr Jackson’s Natural Skincare is based on three main pillars:  plant-powered, clean formulations with proven efficacy and backed by science, sustainability and social responsibility.

Patrick shares his inspiration for the brand. “When I joined as a CEO in September 2021, I was blown away when I discovered, due to Dr Jackson’s approach to sustainability and their commitment to minimising their carbon footprint: compostable boxes made from recycled paper or board from well-managed FSC certified forests, no plastic containers, no coated or bleached paper, no foil printing, no wrappers, no polyester ribbons, instead, we are a brand committed to seeking out green alternatives, from our recyclable glass jars to boxes printed with a more sustainable soya ink, to our biodegradable “plastic-free” teabags, made from a heat-sealable plant starch material that is derived from non-GMO sugar cane and that are fully compostable within 14-21 days.”
The brand was founded upon these pillars and when it first soft-launched in 2012, was way ahead of its time, with both industry buyers and beauty editors having to take the necessary time to digest what Dr Jackson’s was all about. Today Dr Jackson’s receives recognition and is praised by industry experts as a leader in this space, being voted Eco Brand of the Year and Most Sustainable Packaging Brand at The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards 2021, followed by 13 awards at the same event announced this year, including Best Vegan Skincare Brand and Best Recyclable Beauty Brand.

Kristijana explains Dr Jackson's wellness philosophy. “We believe good skin starts from within. Alongside our natural skincare products, our range of organic herbal tea blends fully complements our philosophy of achieving the perfect balance in inside/outside beauty; after all, what we consume is just as important as what we apply to our skin. Dr Jackson’s Organic Herbal Teas have been developed each with its own physiological effect: to revitalise, cleanse the body or provide a sense of tranquillity when stress levels are high.”
If someone were new to natural skincare, Kristijana recommends following a simple way to get acquainted. “Look through the ingredients list of products you use regularly, and swap those containing parabens, phthalates, oxybenzone, synthetic fragrances, silicones, and petroleum. For example, for sensitive skin, choose sulphate-free, natural alternative cleansers that are gentle enough and don’t strip away skin’s natural moisture and protective barrier. Instead of a conventional moisturiser, opt for a natural alternative of proven efficacy, free of petroleum-derived ingredients and synthetic fragrances, which are known to be one of the most common skin irritants. Additionally, swap any silicone-based moisturiser. Many conventional moisturisers contain silicones, which form a film on the skin’s surface, locking in dirt and oil. The build-up of sebum, bacteria or dead skin cells, can lead to an increase in breakouts or other skin conditions. Watch out and avoid SPF creams that contain oxybenzone, octinoxate and nanoparticles, and swap for cleaner alternatives.”

And where does Patrick foresee the brand in the future? “More customers are interested in natural, wellness, organic, and healthy products. We see this as a great opportunity to continue our journey, informing consumers interested in high quality natural skincare products, about what we do and the efficacy that the ingredients in our formulations deliver, our ethos as a brand and our commitment to protect the environment. In the next five years, expansion into new markets is in our plans and positioning Dr Jackson’s as a pioneer in the clean beauty and wellness space, as well as being recognised as the to-go-brand for sensitive and problem skin, is part of our agenda.”.
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