Plain Tiger Spotlight: Dafna’s Skincare

Beauty solutions with soul

By Renee Fortune

If you’re reading this it means that you’re fortunate enough to be alive at a time in history when everything we know about the world is changing. Ours is an era of unprecedented change, driven by a return to human values. Just a few years ago, fairness, equality and compassion were principles that good humans nurtured in their own spaces, within their own social circles and communities. ‘Convenience was king.’ Now, at the cusp of global change, ‘Consciousness is king.’ 

Today, many of us expect more from brands than we did before. We choose brands that share our values and believe in our principles – we choose brands that “do human.” I of course use the term, “we” loosely because there is so much more work to be done and so much ground to cover, but this “we” is growing larger. 

Brands that are at the forefront of this momentous shift are paving the way for innovators across sectors, and emerging brands are setting the example for some of the world’s largest names in luxury. The movement is infectious. Nowhere has this shift been more evident than in the beauty industry, where more and more brands are “walking the talk” when it comes to redefining the industry and its role in building a more sustainable future. One of these brands is Dafna’s Skincare. 

I can’t resist calling it the ‘black sheep’ of the beauty industry, and for once, that’s a good thing. Dafna’s Skincare is distinctive in its black packaging, made out of black crystal as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. These crystalline contraptions hold expertly blended natural ingredients that are organic, vegan and processed using biotechnology to produce the best results. 

Black crystal packaging not only decreases the brand’s carbon footprint, it also prevents light rays from penetrating the packaging and helps to preserve the product more effectively. Whoever thought that modern technology and science cannot live harmoniously alongside natural resources, will think again when they look into the innovative way that Dafna’s Skincare combines technical expertise with a non-negotiable, sustainability-first approach to beauty. Dafna’s has conducted extensive research to find the world’s most advanced and pioneering biotech methodologies that can answer specific skincare needs with specific natural ingredients. All products undergo clinical trials and abide by European cosmetics legislation to ensure that it’s 100% skin-friendly and safe to use.
The team behind Dafna’s coined the word, “soul” to refer to the ingredients of each of its products. This beautiful organic “soul” consists of unique combinations of essential oils and ayurvedic extracts. These reflect the brand’s philosophy that true beauty goes far beyond being skin deep. 

The “soul” of Dafna’s spills over into its commitment to making the world a better place. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Dafna’s Skincare goes to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup – a non-profit organisation that helps keep coastlines around the world clean and protects the lives of vulnerable marine animals by providing free educational resources, conducting research on how to reduce pollution and supporting the development of new technologies that can serve this cause. 

And for every purchase from the Dafna’s range, a tree is planted in partnership with Tree Nation, a non-profit organisation that plants trees all around the world in a bid to help citizens and companies to offset their carbon emissions. 

Another initiative supported by Dafna’s is The Responsible Mica Initiative - a global coalition committed to establishing a fair, responsible and sustainable mica supply chain in India by eliminating unsuitable working conditions and taking action against child labour. These are three world-changing causes supported by one beautiful brand.

For Dafna’s, conscious consumerism means digging deeper to find humane solutions to human challenges. It’s about taking a holistic approach to every aspect of life from the things we choose to say and do, to the products and services we consume on a daily basis. It’s a brand that takes its role seriously as an educator and advocate for shopping more responsibly. Gone are the days when it seemed like consumers needed to choose between what’s best for the environment versus what’s best for people. With Dafna’s Skincare, you’ll be investing in yourself and in several fair trade communities and environmentally-sound initiatives. It’s everything we look for in a future-forward beauty brand.