Plain Tiger Spotlight: Cosmos Circle

Imprints of style and spirit 

By Renee Fortune

Cosmos Circle. There really is no better phrase to capture the esoteric energy of a jewellery brand that moves and breathes in the space between ancestral wisdom and modern refinement. 

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to take a fragment of a fallen star, frame it and wear it like you would a treasured heirloom that reflects everything you are and everything you’re yet to become. That’s what each unique Cosmos Circle accessory represents.

The product of an inquiring mind

Founder, Sophie Mouraux sees each piece of jewellery as an “artistic vehicle – a means by which to travel both inwardly and outwardly, an invitation to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Because, as Sophie explains: “what is truly beautiful is also meaningful.”

For a glimpse of what inspires the design of each piece, we travel back in time to the heyday of ancient Greece, where mathematicians, astrologers and the earliest alchemists discovered what would later be referred to as the ‘golden ratio.’ 

Also known as the ‘divine proportion,’ the golden ratio is the mathematical measure that determines the physical structure of every living thing. You’ll find the golden ratio in the number and natural arrangement of petals in a flower. You’ll find it in the molecular structure of DNA. The same logarithmic spiral on a seashell can be found in the human ear. 

In search of the soul

In the infinite iterations of phenomena like the golden ratio, lie the possibility that every living thing has its own unique, vibratory signature. Helping people to find their signature and unlock its life-changing potential is what gets Sophie up in the morning. She is a jewellery designer and a creative, who started out as a musician. And, as someone with an affinity for music, she understands; perhaps more than most, that the things that really move us are not subjective. 

We are uplifted by different things at different times. And most of the time, our interpretation of meaning is more impactful than what may be immediately apparent. Cosmos Circle is Sophie’s way of translating this philosophy into something that is deeply symbolic and meaningful to each individual.

To bring this to life, Sophie uses glyphs – symbolic characters that speak an ancient language and represent powerful concepts like the elements, the notion of Oneness and the idea of universal consciousness.
The materials behind the magic

Gold is the metal of choice for Sophie and her team of artisans, who handpick specific gemstones according to their sacred properties. And because the team takes a sustainability-first approach to production, the gold used to make each piece is fairmined and certified. All crystals used are also completely traceable right back to their source in countries that comply with the UN’s requirements for fair wages, the prohibition of child slavery and environmental conservation. 

Elaborating on the sense of purpose that motivates and empowers her every day, Sophie expresses her personal conviction that “we need sincerity, authenticity and an opening of collective consciousness to face the challenges that face the human race today. I participate in saving the world in my own way, by showing support and respect for all living things.

Each Cosmos Circle piece is designed to awaken people to their infinite power and to showcase the immense benefits of living balanced, harmonious and connected lives. Each person has something special to manifest on this earth, a light to bring out, if we only take the trouble to search for it. In the end, we can play the game, or we can change the game.”

A tale of two countries

The goldsmiths and artisans who make up the team behind Cosmos Circle are based in France and in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, in these two iconic destinations, these skilled craftspeople work meticulously to produce jewellery of unmatched quality and unique aesthetic character.

And, as Sophie concludes: “It is the meaning we put into our transmission, the awareness of our cultural imprint, the time and incredible energy instilled in our creations, the meticulous manufacture and the nobility of the materials used that makes our jewellery so valuable.”

$2,015.00 USD
$2,015.00 USD
$2,015.00 USD