Plain Tiger Spotlight: Amadeus

Exquisite is for everyone

By Renee Fortune

There is a perception that ‘sustainable’ or ‘ecologically-conscious’ fashion is reserved for the rich, that it is something out of reach for the average consumer, that it has become gentrified and unobtainable. But there is a new breed of entrepreneurs who are setting out to challenge this perception and to make luxury more accessible. Nathalie Simond, the founder of Amadeus has made this her personal mission. 

The ‘democratisation’ of the fashion industry, specifically jewellery, has been at the forefront of Nathalie Simond’s mind since she launched Amadeus in 2018. For Simond, access to expert craftsmanship and exceptional quality should be something that more people can enjoy. But, not at the cost of the environment, or the artisans that apply their minds and talents to producing pieces that speak the language of luxury. 

Nathalie was born in Paris and grew up in a multicultural environment that took her across the seas and over land on a number of continents. Her experience of different cultures, aesthetics and artistic expressions comes through strongly in the diversity of her jewellery collection. If understated is what you’re after, you’ll find it in the Amadeus collection. But if the occasion calls for something a bit more extravagant, something that says, “I’ve arrived,” then you’ll find it in the collection too. 

One of the most popular pieces in the range is the Alba Tie Gold Chain Necklace with its long, paperlink chain that allows you to wear the necklace at different lengths. The design features a single dangling pearl: elegant and oh-so-chic. And then, for those of you who can’t resist a classic chandelier earring, look no further than the Sophia, a pair of earrings featuring four pear-shaped multifaceted natural Amethyst gemstones in light lavender to deep violet hues. It’s decadent, and daring and everything you could ask for in a jewellery piece that adds the perfect touch of glitz to your look.
If you ever get a chance to take Nathalie for a coffee and chat sustainability, pull up a chair and get comfortable because she cuts no corners. Amadeus is in fact, one out of only 25 jewellery brands in the world that are B Corp Certified. This certification means that Amadeus is part of an international community of brands that stands for ethics, transparency and accountability in business. Becoming a B Corp brand involves a rigorous and thorough process and brands are regularly recertified to ensure that their standards are maintained. 

Every piece of jewellery created by Amadeus is made out of recycled silver and gold with pre-loved stones that are purchased second-hand and then cut to size. This includes the sea pearls that form part of the collection. 

Amadeus is an ethical jewellery brand for women, by women. There is no middleman involved in the sourcing of stones for her jewellery, meaning that all the money earned from the sale of these stones goes back into local communities – just as it always should have been. 

Environmentally, Amadeus is strongly aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, so you won’t find plastic in any of its packaging. And for every order placed, Amadeus plants 5 trees through its partnership with Tree Nation, in order to offset their carbon footprint.

Amadeus has High Street swag. It’s undeniable. But it doesn’t come at the High Street cost, not only in terms of the prices you pay for the jewellery, but also in terms of what Amadeus contributes to the lives of women artisans and to the earth. 

For Nathalie, Amadeus is a personal challenge to consumers everywhere to resist the urge to ‘buy cheap and buy more often’. 

“I am personally invested in calling into question the way that the world consumes. It is an honour to be part of the change that is happening, particularly amongst young designers who want to build brands of value, not only in a financial sense but also in an ethical sense. The fast fashion industry needs to be challenged and held accountable for its catastrophic practices from an ecological, social and human point of view. I want to build a better world, bottom line. That’s what drives me to do better and be better.”

There has to be a word for this kind of passion. 

Entrepreneurial activism? Could definitely work.