Plain Tiger Spotlight: A Perfect Nomad

Wear your bliss

By Renee Fortune

If there was ever a place that embodied everything it means to be a free spirit – to live life in the slow lane, at one with the sea and the sand, unencumbered by the breakneck speed of life beyond your piece of paradise – it would be Ibiza, wouldn’t it? 

Ibiza is one of those postcard destinations that’s made it to the top of many a bucket list. The few of us who make it onto its pearly shores have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience what must be the closest thing to heaven on earth. But, if you can’t yet make your touchdown on Ibizan soil, you can own the resort wear that captures everything the world has come to know and love about the White Island.

The brand, a Perfect Nomad is the brainchild of British-born founder, Frances Clark who now lives in the wild, northern hills of Ibiza. A Perfect Nomad is an extension of her lifestyle philosophy, rooted in a deep appreciation for the natural world and a desire to live in harmony with the elements. 

Frances’s own journey of escapism led her to create a line of resort wear that holds “beautiful values within its threads.” As a resort wear brand, a Perfect Nomad is both “ethereal” and “ethical,” producing a collection that is crafted from natural, certified organic fibres and is designed to foster a reconnection with nature, the self and the soul. As she explains:

“Ultimately, we are together all on this shared epic journey of self, back to our true nature and in pursuit of happiness. I created A Perfect Nomad as a portal for artistic and spiritual inspiration and exploration. Alongside our signature free flowing designs is a narrative where we are all learning and growing, and where love is the foundation of everything.”

Clothing by A Perfect Nomad is the kind of clothing you could float in. The Bohemia dress in white and sandstone gives Gypsy-luxe energy with its free-flowing form and rich texture. In raw, organic cotton, you won’t find another piece that’s as uncompromising on quality but also effortless in its sense of style. Pieces like the Bohemia are designed to inspire barefoot walking, and carefree days of solitude and contemplation; punctuated by an occasional sprint along the sand. 

Swathes of lightweight, breathable fabric will inspire you to drift off – but not to some far off place. It will bring you right here, right now, in a moment of perfection that could turn into a lifetime of bliss if you only dared to indulge your dreams. And, for those fireside dances and spontaneous bursts of energy, slip into the Dance Kimono, a fringe-fanatic’s closet favourite, crafted from sustainable, stone-washed linen. 

Each garment is handmade by a small team of artisans from the surrounding communities who are fairly compensated for their craftsmanship and operate under healthy working conditions. These artisans bring ancient wisdom to their craft, employing traditional techniques as well as hand dyeing and block printing methods.  

Materials are sourced through a transparent network of small-scale suppliers located around the world. You won’t find any synthetic fibres or plastic in these exceptional pieces of resort fashion. And the use of ‘peace silk’ ensures that the brand’s impact on the planet and its people is kept to a minimum. 

The cotton pieces are made from 100% natural, organic cotton according to stringent industry standards and without the use of harsh pesticides and fertilisers. The end products are long-lasting, pieces of “wearable freedom,” unaffected by passing trends.

Talking about the sustainable ethos behind A Perfect Nomad, Frances explains that: “It was very important to me to create something more than fashion, to create something that I could be proud of, and that went that extra mile to make a positive impact in the world. I wanted to bottle up the bold and stylish nomadic existence that I have always been drawn to, in an expression of style that speaks with a conscious voice. It’s resort wear that women can escape into and feel effortlessly strong and elegant while maintaining values that benefit the planet and our people.”

By partnering with women’s empowerment charity initiatives, Frances ensures that A Perfect Nomad is a brand dedicated to impact – that it represents beauty with a deep sense of purpose. It’s a brand that caters to a new generation of consumers, conscious and purposeful in their choices, and invested in bringing about meaningful change. 

Because, as Frances believes: “as creators or as consumers we all have a part to play in making the right choices to positively impact the world and act from a place of love.”

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