Plain Tiger Spotlight: À la une

À la une: In Celebration of the Feminine Form

By Renee Fortune, Lifestyle Content Creator

To “see our designs on a stranger,” brings joy to the hearts of à la une label founders, Alexa Corlett and Dominique Beneli Lamon. 

In French, “à la une” is a term that can loosely be translated to mean, “on the front page.” It has come to describe the latest news, what’s making the top headlines – the talk of the town. It’s a perfect way to describe the sense of elegance and head-turning femininity that this label has come to represent. 

À la une marks the coming together of two entrepreneurial and creative minds – two best friends with a shared love for French fries, fine wine and the fancier things in life. But beyond the hedonistic appeal of their approach to fashion, is a very serious dedication to creating slow fashion.

À la une introduces two small capsule ranges to market per season, manufactured with the highest quality fabrics. Its basic range remains on the production line throughout the year and is made-to-order in different colours each season. Their zero-waste production philosophy is one that avoids ever having excess stock or the wastage of any resources: fabric, money, time.

In the simplicity and minimalism of each garment, you’ll see influences from Paris, the Cote d’Azur and the Provence. Needless to say, Corlett and Lamon are in love with everything French. Coupled with this love for France, is a deep appreciation for natural beauty – “mother nature’s treasure chest,” as Corlett calls it. 

À la une is a passion project fashion label – a celebration of the female form. The brand’s uniqueness lies in its sense of effortlessness. A quick scroll through their lookbook will leave you feeling refreshed.

In simple colour ways and block colours, each piece says “quality” and “refinement.” As Corlett explains, “we want to create pieces that are basic, but also timeless wardrobe staples that can be worn and cherished for a lifetime.” This is fashion that lasts. 

The à la une woman is confident, independent – she’s a social butterfly, someone to be seen. Whether you’re wearing one of their pieces to a fashion event or a cocktail evening, it’s all about the life uninhibited – a life that celebrates and venerates the simple joys.

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