Living Your Best Life, Now.

With less than six months left of the year, what’s holding you back from living your best life? 

By Nadia Gardner

Franziska Pannicke is an expert in helping High Achievers leave their comfort zone so they can go for what they really desire in their professional and personal lives and live an extraordinary life rather than a mediocre one. Her coaching is about breaking mental boundaries, exploring exciting new edges, and gaining a renewed sense of confidence and clarity.
“I'm referred to as the No-Nonsense Coach. I don't beat around the bush in my sessions. I believe in challenging the way you see your world right now and in getting a fresh perspective on your life or business. This is how your world will transform. But don't worry, I don't bite. I empower, ” says Franziska.

Originally from Munich, Germany, but living in Valencia, Spain, with her husband and two children, she gets the luxury of working online with clients worldwide while enjoying the sun, beach, and delicious paella.
What inspired Franziska to become a coach? 

“I have a background in Business and used to work in the corporate world. After my MBA I realised the corporate world was just not for me. Coaching had always played a big part in my life but I considered it more of a hobby than a full-time occupation. Mainly because I was scared to take the big leap. Imposter syndrome kicked in. I had no idea how to build my practice and didn't have the confidence to show up as the powerful coach that I was, ” she shares.

But realising how coaching transformed her clients' lives, and how much joy and fulfilment it gave her in the process, she didn't want her negative self-talk to stop her any longer. “Many people end up living mediocre lives; they stop dreaming, they have accepted the status quo and tell themselves all sorts of stories about why that is ok. I didn't want that for myself. So I hired a coach, which was a game-changer for me.”

Eventually, she left the corporate world and gradually built her coaching practice through word of mouth and by invitation. Today she helps clients to show up more powerfully in the world and achieve their greatest dreams.

How can we best achieve our goals in 2022?

“First of all, you need to define your goal. It's like going on a trip. You can go on a trip without having a destination but you might not like where you end up. On the other hand, you might know where you want to go but for the wrong reasons. Maybe it's ‘the place to be’ right now and you wanted to join the hype but when you get there, you realise the climate doesn't suit you, the accommodation only looks great on paper and it's too crowded for you to relax. That's why it is so important to ask yourself what you really want to achieve in your professional or personal life and why you want it? Be honest with yourself. Do you only want to achieve this goal because it will give you validation from your parents or society? Or do you believe you don't deserve to dream bigger and that's why you decided to settle for less? Or is this really your dream and just thinking about it lights you up?” says Franziska.

She always challenges her clients' dreams, not because she doesn’t take them seriously, but because she wants to make sure they don't limit themselves. Very often what they want will be very different once she digs deeper into their dreams and fears.

“After defining a clear vision, I recommend breaking it down into different action steps so that each day/week/month you know what you need to do, or shouldn't do, to get closer to your goal. But the most important part of reaching your goal is working through your mental roadblocks. Because these stop you from staying on track. Maybe you have noticed in the past, that whenever you commit yourself to doing something to transform your life, it only takes a few days before doubt, fear, hesitation or confusion kicks in and you slowly go back to what you know and what feels safe. Similar to new years resolutions. You know, we would all live our dream life if it was just about following a roadmap of different action steps,” she explains.

Practical steps

The most time-saving step is to hire a coach to go on your journey with you. Most people feel they have to struggle and figure out everything on their own. This can be a lonely and frustrating place to be and the chances are very high that you end up self-sabotaging without realising it. By hiring a coach, you will have someone to walk you through your fears and challenges and someone to challenge your stories and beliefs that you have been entertaining for years. Coaching will provide you with clarity around what steps to take next and will give you renewed confidence to follow through.

Why do so many of us give up on our dreams…

“One reason could be you're scared to fail and will do anything in your power to not even get to a point where you can see if you can succeed or not. For example, you might subconsciously be so scared to be an unworthy partner that you sabotage every potential serious relationship without realising it. Or you might be scared of success and worry that it will not allow you to spend time with your loved ones anymore or that people might then perceive you negatively and that success could change your values and morals. Or you are one of the people who hasn't dreamt big enough in the first place and therefore you give up on your goals easily,” shares Franziska.

When things get challenging or we experience a setback it's much easier for us to abandon our dream, when deep down we didn't really desire it in the first place. It would just not be worth overcoming the challenge or fear. And sometimes, the reason we give up on our dreams could simply be that you're missing a bit of courage and clarity on what steps to take. The good news is, it doesn't have to be like this. You have the power to take responsibility for your situation and create your dreams.

The biggest challenges our generation is facing in achieving our dreams

“They are expecting fast results. Taking a masterclass or following a five-step plan on how to achieve your dreams in 20 days is not realistic. We are living in such a fast-paced world that we forget patience, consistency and discipline are vital in achieving anything. As they say: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are your dreams, ” she explains.
Building anything solid takes time, has its ups and downs and isn't always as fun as it is often portrayed on social media.

“Also, I have noticed there is a constant comparison with others. It's just a distraction, it will not do anything for you or your progress. If anything it will discourage you. Stay in your lane, focus on yourself, we all have different paths and all journeys look different. Don't let yourself get distracted or discouraged by someone else's progress. All you need to do is get rid of what holds you back internally and take action, practise patience, discipline and consistency,” says Franziska. 

Remember, whatever dream or goal you're pursuing, don't forget to live now. Many people put their life on hold because they believe they can only be happy and enjoy life once they have achieved their goals.

Enjoy what you have today and be excited about what you will create in the future.

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