Written in the Stars

How intriguing is it that the way we choose to decorate our homes can be deeply intrinsic to our astrological zodiac signs.

By Nadia Gardner

Have you ever thought to look to the stars for that extra bit of home decoration inspiration? Astrologers tell us that our zodiac sign can provide that little panache we need to add those finishing touches to our own space. Here’s a mini-guide to perfecting your habitat…


Practical, stable earth signs, you value tradition. You’re happiest opting for decor complete with grandfather clocks, leather sofas, and wood. You like both reliability and style, so surround yourself with natural earthy colours to feel your best in your home.


If you’re an aquarius, you’re probably artistic and have a modern style. You’re quirky, and you absolutely don’t go out of your way to decorate your house like anyone else. Curate a gallery wall to showcase your art and focus on vibrant colours like blue, violet, indigo, and salmon.


From overstuffed sofas to a full bookshelf, you’ve probably made your home the ideal oasis for you to unwind and recharge. Being a water sign, a cool shade of blue or teal would be a great colour scheme choice. Think of having a Zen fountain or aquarium, as water calms you.


You’re not a fan of clutter, and like to keep things simple, preferring large open-plan rooms over lots of smaller spaces. Ideally, your dream home would likely have bold and adventurous colours and patterns, particularly in your furniture as opposed to on the walls.


You want your home to envelope you in a big hug - big comfy sofas, an equally sumptuous bed, and a huge table to accommodate your love of entertaining.  Your kitchen area would really serve as a focal point since you’re known for how much you enjoy delicious food and drink.


Because your sign is ever-changing, you have a hard time sticking with one look for long. Think short–term when it comes to décor, to accommodate your frequent urge to redecorate. Take a deep breath before you start a huge renovation project!


You have a great eye for antiques, especially the clean-lined furniture of the 1940s. Turn the home decorating experience into a treasure hunt. Splurge on custom wallpaper. Bedroom walls in lilac will help create a cosy bedroom. Lilac evokes creativity and calmness for Cancer, which allows you to relax.


You’re a fan of luxury fabrics – silk sheets, cashmere throws and velvet upholstery. Being somewhat status conscious, you could opt for formal dinnerware and cloth napkins, but what’s most important is knowing your guests are having a deeply pleasurable time. Same goes for your family, your pride and joy. Display photos dating back generations all over your house.


Fill your space with plants! You love nature and how nature can be used to heal so make sure you have a lot of green energy in your space with plants like aloe vera. You love to be organized and keep a clean space. Create an oasis in your home with tons of candles, aromatherapy and comfy cushions for all of your self care needs.


You love an open space that has balancing aspects so using symmetry in your interior design is essential. You love a classic looking space and can seamlessly mix antiques with new pieces. It’s all about feng shui and having everything in the right place. Mood lighting is also key for you Libra, to up that romance for a beautiful night in.


You express their creativity through decor, and your home could look like detail-oriented sanctuaries with like lush velvet or silk pillows, warm candles, and a diffuser for aromatherapy. Blackout curtains and darker colours are important for you.


As travel-loving, free spirits, you would do well with Moroccan-inspired rugs, Asian artwork, and Scandinavian furniture to make your outgoing, easy-going self feel right at home.