How to obtain the Danish trend - Hygge - in your home

It’s easier than you think

By Jana Leonard

Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah", is a Danish trend that has seen a lot of airwaves of late and with good reason. It's a movement encouraging you to create a calm space promoting cosiness, sharing between friends and family and a space that speaks of tranquility and the simple pleasures of life.

Here, we have identified 5 ways in which you can incorporate the Hygge trend into your home:

Keep it simple and clutter free!

The term ‘less is more’ has never been more relevant than with the Hygge decor trend and influence. You want a serene, clutter free space with muted tones that embody a relaxed ambiance and overall feeling. Why not take floor storage to the walls with these beautiful hanging storage baskets from The Baskiti Co.

Light it up! White, unscented candles are the ideal for Danes, but we personally love these fragranced candles from Aery Living and Cape Island. Candles create an atmosphere which just cannot be matched with lighting. We like 2 candles per person visiting.

Get cosy! Hygge encourages a slow start to your Saturday morning - have your coffee while enjoying a super snuggle. The softer, more luxurious and cosier your bed set-up, the better. Add some throws, scatters and quilts for texture and depth! We are loving this duvet set from Phomolo Linen.

There is one thing South Africans love and that’s a fire! If you are fortunate enough to have an indoor fireplace, light it every chance you get. We personally love switching off the lights, lighting the indoor fire and just lounging on the couch while chatting about our day. Store your firewood in these beautifully handmade baskets from Paarl Basket.

Maybe not as easy as we would like it to be due to the current pandemic, but the most important part of the Hygge movement is getting together with friends and family in a relaxing environment. Good wine and great food around the dining room table or while lounging in front of the fire is sure to improve everyone’s mood while still switching off. 

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