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Detoxify your life

By Greer Krige, Lifestyle Content Creator

With the move to cleaner living and mindfulness of our own and the wellbeing of our environment - we’ve seen a pivot to a detox movement that affects all categories of life - take note of small changes you can make to lead to a nontoxic lifestyle.

What you put in: 


Most of the food available in supermarkets is treated with harmful pesticides and hormone additives and genetically modified.

Avoid purchasing products that are processed with added preservatives and nitrites- which are not good for you or your family. 

Make sure you peel or deep clean fruit and veg before eating and wherever possible rather buy organic! So many markets popping up with delicious organically grown small bath products- eggs, baked good, fruit and veggies. The manufacturing processes of commercial farms, factories and processing plants are also harmful to the environment and utilize vast amounts of energy and water. The shift in the popularity of plant-based diets is evidence of increased awareness of this challenge.


Like Wellness Blends, is a handcrafted premium loose-leaf tea. Offering a variety of natural wellness blends – no toxic casing bags and is caffeine and stimulant-free too. Each herb and the botanical ingredient is carefully selected based on its therapeutic benefits and will help neutralise some of the nasties we consume and are exposed to.


Not all are created equal – and can be toxic- rather stick to olive oil (cold-pressed extra virgin) and coconut oil which have polyphenols with antioxidant capabilities. Where possible source from reputable brands with a sustainability-focused ethos. 


Beware of toxic cookware - Teflon- that fantastic non-stick coating we love so much- is not as great as we thought. It’s actually toxic cookware. When a pot or pan’s non-stick lining begins to wear off or is scratched off during cooking, little particles of Teflon mix into the food and are consumed- it’s not a substance you want in your body. Rather we use cast iron, glass, porcelain, and ceramic cookware which are much better for you.


Depending on where in the world you live there are different qualities of tap water- rather play it safe and make use of a filter to remove heavy metals that can have long term detrimental health effects.

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detoxify, mindfulness, yoga, wellbeing, home, nontoxic, lifestyle

The space around you:


Be it storage containers, toys, kiddie’s cups, bottles, lunch boxes and so on, most are made from plastic. Which usually means nasty ingredients. Check to make sure that they are BPA and paraben-free you do not want those chemicals leaching into the contents. 

With regards to food storage rather opt for glass or -We live in such a - consumerist t society- where everything is disposable- that’s why plastic has become such a popular material for just about everything. But make the change- move away from mass-produced plastic toys and products- they have a low price because they made with cheap and nasty ingredients like toxic moulded plastic. Wooden and cloth crafted products will not only generally last longer but also be healthier options for your little ones.


This applies to any products in your home- including your work out equipment- you may be looking after yourself keeping in shape but the irony is your yoga mat is made from PVC & toxins such as silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates.

Novawoolf yoga mats- believe in getting body, mind and soul in tune and their yoga mats- these are free from all these nasties and good for total wellbeing!

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The air we breathe is vital for life, but the quality is questionable. Poor ventilation and everyday pollution can affect you in ways you aren’t even aware of: drowsiness, headaches and, inability to focus. Make these changes now and you will feel the difference- open your windows and let in the fresh air, bring in houseplants – many such as the Peace lily and Snake plant are known to purify the air. Avoid non-synthetic air fresheners- rather use essential oils in diffusers.


These days we fill our home with furniture and homeware that we don’t realise are loaded with synthetic fibres, chemical adhesives -not only do these surreptitiously give off noxious and toxic fumes, but many are highly flammable and a potential fire hazard too. Rather opt for wooden furniture with organic natural material like down, cotton and linen...


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to colours and types- but many give off nasty odours when applied- this is usually an indicator that they’re loaded with toxic chemical and should not be inhaled. Many companies have become aware of health and environmental concerns relating to painting fumes and manufacturing processes and by-products and are bring our eco-friendly options.


We grew up with harsh cleaning products like bleach but new awareness means it best to avoid the likes of these which are loaded with dangerous chemicals and instead opt for naturally derived, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning and laundry products. Mare and Itis products are all-natural and a great brand to support.

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detoxify, mindfulness, yoga, wellbeing, home, nontoxic, lifestyle

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