Crystals are an intrinsic part of Feng Shui and have been for hundreds of years

I’ve always loved crystals.

By Renee Fortune, Lifestyle Content Creator

When I learnt about the healing and holistic properties of crystals, I knew I had been onto something for a long time. I also recently awakened to how the aesthetics of the space I spend time in, affects my mood and my general wellbeing. And then I did some research and found out that the principles of feng shui and the way I use crystals to improve the energy in my space, can work together wonderfully. Let me tell you more. 

Feng Shui 101

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that centres around how to find balance by creating living environments that are designed to be in harmony with nature and the world. The tradition is based on a belief in energy (or “chi”) that connects all sentient things. In order for a sense of harmony to be fostered in your living space, energy needs to flow through it seamlessly. There is no “one size fits all” solution on how to do this, but there are some basic principles you can follow to structure your space for serenity, good fortune and holistic wellbeing. I did call this “feng shui” 101 but it’s a quick read, so I’ll condense things a bit by showing you how you can use crystals to foster working and living environments that are brimming with positive vibes. 

Rose Quarts, crystals, feng shui, citrine, clear quartz
Rose Quarts, crystals, feng shui, citrine, clear quartz

3 Quick Fix Home Energy Fixes Using Crystals

1. A big part of feng shui is about attracting wealth. In the Western world, we tend to feel somewhat embarrassed to admit to wanting more wealth. But if you want more of anything – more love, more opportunities, more peace – I believe in putting the energy out there and asking for it, guilt-free. Citrine, a yellow or orange coloured crystal is often referred to as the stone of good fortune. You can place a Citrine crystal near your front door to attract positive energy and welcome good luck.

2. Rose Quartz is the stone of love, so I’d recommend placing it on your bedside table to attract and enhance romantic love. But don’t forget, Rose Quartz is also about self-love. To remind myself of the importance of taking care of myself, I keep a piece of Rose Quartz near my bathroom mirror, so every morning when it catches my eye, I remember that I’m responsible for my own healing and nurturing my own sense of inner serenity.

3. If you work from home like me, it can sometimes be a challenge to compartmentalise your day and your life – when is it time to switch off from work and relax, which spaces are dedicated to work and which are dedicated to leisure? Balance is so important. I keep a Clear Quartz in my working space because it’s a crystal that’s celebrated for its ability to promote clarity of mind. When I think about Clear Quartz I think about a ray of sunlight or the freshness of a mountain spring. I use mine during times when I need to take a moment to breathe and restart my day. Recently, I also invested in a clear quartz infused water bottle to cleanse myself, mind, body and soul by staying hydrated and open to fresh, positive opportunities throughout the day. 

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