Plain Tiger loves Holistic Living

Holistic living is a lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body, and soul with a little help from the earth.

By Nadia Gardner

Working with crystals allows us to use the energy from the Earth. Attuning to that energy lends us healing power that helps us manifest our goals. And each of our Sun signs has a natural affinity for a certain crystal. Here’s a mini guide to holistic living with your sun and crystal…



Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, known for its fiery and energetic personality. The perfect crystal for Aries is Carnelian: it will not only help you recharge your batteries, but also heal your impulsiveness. Must-wear:



Ruled by Venus, Taurus values the finer things in life, especially love. Rose Quartz can help this sign open the heart chakra and release a good dose of romance. 




Citrine Quartz positively influences ideas and intelligence and is ideal for Gemini. 


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It is known, on a bad day, the sweet Cancer can experience super intense emotions that can bring out anxieties and paranoia. The Moonstone is the ideal crystal for this water sign. Must-wear:



The Tiger's Eye is known as the traditional crystal of Leo, because it allows you to channel greater creativity and positivity towards the sign. Must-wear:



Virgo and the Red Jasper have a lot in common: both are known for bringing practicality and clarity to every area. For this reason it is the perfect crystal for this earth sign. Must-wear:



The ideal crystal for Libra? The Lapis Lazuli. Its deep blue colour recalls that of the sky and the gold-coloured veins of the stars, a holistic pattern for that Libra aesthetic. Lapis Lazuli helps balance inner energies which is why it pairs so well with this air sign. Must-wear:

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The crystal combined with the mysterious sign of Scorpio is the Obsidian, a powerful talisman with a protective power. Carrying this stone with you will allow you to make great personal changes in a short time, working on your hidden problems. Must-wear:

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The ideal crystal for Sagittarius? Turquoise. This stone gives greater balance between emotions and feelings, helps to manage the stress of "too many things to do" and teaches to recognise and prioritise the most useful projects for one's well-being. Must-wear:



The ideal crystal for Capricorn is Jade, a precious stone with an intense green colour, its power is to strengthen memory and promote communication, courage and thought. It can help the sign to say aloud what it needs, without hesitation. Must-wear:

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Among the different crystals combined with the sign of Aquarius, Aquamarine is one of our favourites. This stone works on the mental plane, helping that brilliant Aquarius sign to speed up the reasoning processes and quickly find the solution to any question. Must-wear:

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The perfect crystal for Pisces? Amethyst. This purple stone represents spiritual wisdom, a typical feature of this water sign. Not only that, Amethyst can help strengthen intuition and protect against negative vibrations, which is ideal for the more sensitive Pisces. Must-wear: