10 Dresses you Need to Own

Up your dress game with 10 varying styles you will love

By Danielle Viljoen  

Whether it’s a mini or maxi you're after, we have hand-selected 10 dresses, for every shape and budget, that you can shop now. Due to the nature of the fabrics and or garment construction, you’ll probably find yourself wearing a one-of-a-kind piece made of orange peel, wood pulp or vintage neckties.

1. Cut it Out

Made from 100% linen, the Adele dress features cut outs to the back and front. It boasts elasticated balloon sleeves, balanced and complemented by a pleated skirt- making this frock an easy wear. 

Art of Simplicity is a, self-proclaimed, minimalistic brand with a maximalist approach to caring for the environment and the people that work for the label. In a pledge to better their environmental impact, they exclusively use natural fabrics of cotton, linen and silk. 

$169.00 USD

2. The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a welcomed trend- taking you from business to casual in an instant. With the constant resurgence and sometimes monotonous athleisure trend dominating most stores you visit- the shirt dress has made this ‘transition’ period, of returning to the office and meetings, an easy one. This particular dress, made of Poplin, features an asymmetrical panel that tends to be wholly forgiving to the wearer. It’s mandarin collar takes the formality out of a typical shirt collar. Poplin is a plain weave cotton fabric and can be described as lightweight and less likely to crease than that of 100% cotton.

$127.50 USD

3. That's so Retro

A crossover between the 70’s and 90’s, the Dumbo fighter dress features color blocking in matching hues in similar shades. In terms of a maxi dress, simplicity is key if you’re planning on wearing it all year long. Perfect for summer or, alternatively, an easy layering piece for winter due to its simplistic silhouette. These dresses are made from Tencel, a fabric that is made from wood pulp. The wood pulp is dissolved when mixed with a solvent to form a wet mixture and then pushed through small holes to create threads which are eventually spun into yarn. Tencel uses less water in it’s manufacturing process, compared to cotton, and is naturally white which eliminates any form of bleaching.

$180.08 USD$90.04 USD

4. Gingham to go

Gingham is as synonymous to summer as florals are to spring. A recurring trend that has become a super versatile one, gingham is synonymous with most decades. The ‘picnic print’ has returned, yet again. Initially considered a daytime print, gingham has taken centre stage in formal and night time dressing. 

This dress is made from remnant stock textured gingham. The sleeves are made from upcycled, knitted, jersey fabric. LaaniRaani is a brand solely focussed on handmade items using reclaimed fabric, remnant stock and scraps or offcuts. ‘For me, great design always begins with improvising and ends with leaving you with something to think about.’ LaaniRaani

$348.50 USD

5. Belted & Bold

The Aria dress features a belt which draws the eye ‘through’ the dress rather than to one specific spot. Made from the same fabric, the belt can be tied in a number of different ways depending on the wearer's personal style and expectations. Available in citrus brights, they bring with them a feeling of warmth, happiness and summer. Relatively crease resistant, lightweight and breathable, this A-line silhouette is a closet must-have.

6. The Coat Dress

Wear it on its own or slip over a sleeveless dress for effortless transitional dressing. The coat dress is made from vintage neckties that have been sewn or patched together using different stitching techniques making this a truly one of a kind piece.

7. Lustrous Linen

Transporting you to a summer's night in Greece, the Maya dress is made from 100% organic linen making it breathable and luxurious. Its exaggerated sleeves can be worn on the shoulders or loosely draped underneath. 

8. For the frill of it

The Mari dress is one of my favorites. Its flamboyant layers are toned down by its inexplicable simplicity, while still making a statement. This dress is wholly inspired and created from food! Inspired by the pink oyster mushroom, the Mari dress is made of orange peels. Orange fibre fabric is made from orange peels discarded in the food industry. Not only is the fabric ‘guilt free’, it also contains Vitamins A, C and E which are absorbed by the skin.

$325.15 USD

9. Be Bold

Bold sleeves tend to draw the eye outward and give the garment a sort of balanced look. No matter your concerns, a bold sleeve tends to look good on everyBODY. 

Inspired by the ocean, the Aqua dress has wave-like patterns screen-printed on organic Poplin. Poplin has a naturally lustrous finish to it- credited to the type of weave it possesses. Its square neckline makes for the perfect canvas for layering your most beloved neck pieces.

$220.10 USD$154.07 USD

10. Asymmetry

Designer Lara Klawakowsi has a keen interest in unusual drapery, fabrications and pattern making. In all of her designs you will find an exaggerated use of texture and unusual fabric pairings that just work!

The Maya dress is handmade using smocked panels of upcycled rubber lace & 100% recyclable Spunbond made from recycled materials. 

$680.00 USD